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October 22, 2005

Where'd all the Good people go?

does anyone check blogs these days? i seem to have forgotten all about it, but enjoyed many a blog banter session in the first year.

might still provide words of the week every so oftern…

but for today my favourite condition is 'tourettes'.....
It is estimated that as many as 1 in 200 experience some form of Tourettes, (lucky bastards!)

any thoughts…. ARSE LICKER

August 13, 2005

summer lovin happened so fast…

well chaps summer draws to a close and soon enough we will all be reunited at uni. most of us now living in royal leamington spa (dont forget the royal). anywho, a few new piccies of some of my summer exploits, e.g glastonbury, venice and a wedding. wammo. hope to see some more blogging from some of you drama folk. want photos of summer fun…..

lots'o love, jules xx

June 03, 2005

Hey kids…The WERLYGIG is official Drama Social

Follow-up to WERLYGIG JUNE 14th from Cook Pass Babtridge

June 14th

Be there with a smile and a song in your hearts

Seriously though, we (the good people of WERL - Jack Howson, myself and Medea expert Edward Greig) would love for it to be a bit of a social..drinks in wherever first then at nine The Cooler for some awesome stuff - music, DJs and special guests possibly
Its penultimate week before we all miss each other for a good two and a half months and its gonna be emotional!
And the bands are amazing

Eclectic, enigmatic and ectasy-inducing...couple of acoustics (one a Jack Johnson protege), amazing quirk funksters Post War Years (Warwick fellas) and pop-indie experts (and London Darlings) - my favourite band The Trend

May 30, 2005


Date: Tuesday June 14th

Time: 8 til Late

Venue: The Cooler, Warwick University Student's Union

Your chance to hear the hottest selection of bands from Warwickshire and beyond. Plus the chance to see the acoustic solo stars of future. And if that's not enough they'll be DJs bringing you the best indie rock has to offer.

Price: Members Of Music Socs £2.50*
———————Non Members £3.50*

*From Advance(£1 more on the door)

go here for more information on the best gig ever…. www.werlygig.co.uk

March 12, 2005

BECK (beats Athelete)

Just wanted to make sure the world is aware of the 'mighty good leader' of music, that is, Beck…........

Back in 1993 (USA) his first album 'Golden Feelings' was released. Followed shorthly after by 'A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight'. Next up came 'Stereopathectic SoulManure'.Recorded between '88-'94, this is possibly the most eclectic mix of Beck stuff on one disc. Includes bonus noise on some discs, but not all. 'Mellow Gold' became Beck's first major label album. Made with $200. Includes bonus noise after "Blackhole". Originally titled "Cold Ass Fashion". An awsome acoustic-rock album was to follow 'One Foot in The Grave' is a truely wonderful album with mainly acoustic tracks. Early stuff still but very good indeed….

tracks worth seeking out are:
He's A Mighty Good Leader
Sleeping bag
Hollow Log

One of my favourite albums came next. 'Odelay' was the first Beck album I actually heard. The unusual mix of tracks got me hooked on this strange fellow. His weird and wonderful lyrics still baffle me, but this album is possibly the oddest but one of the best…

best tracks on the album:
Devil's Haircut
High 5
The New Pollution
Where its At

01. Cold Brains
02. Nobody's Fault But My Own
03. Lazy Flies
04. Canceled Check
05. We Live Again
06. Tropicalia
07. Dead Melodies
08. Bottle of Blues
09. O Maria
10. Sing It Again
11. Static
12. Diamond Bollocks (unlisted)
all tracks come highly rated in my book! go get it kids. A fairly chilled out album.

'Midnite Vultures' became a well known album for his track 'Sexx Laws'. If thats the only song that rings a bell kids, then u need to do some more listening. The rest of the album, released in 1999, has more promisiong tracks on i promise. If you're feeling a little odd try nicotine and gravy!
01. Sexx Laws
02. Nicotine & Gravy
03. Mixed Bizness
04. Get Real Paid
05. Hollywood Freaks
06. Peaches & Cream
07. Broken Train
08. Milk & Honey
09. Beautiful Way
10. Pressure Zone
11. Debra

His newst albums are 'Sea Change' and the fairly well known 'Guero' (recently released'. Sea Change wasn't my favourite album and gave me some sceptecicsm about his new album, but so far so good. What i really like about Beck is the diversity in his albums. There's a mix of acoustic-rock to electro-pop, something for all the family! So now you've been informed as to the album history of Beck (actually spelt Bek, but only changed to 'Beck' because no-one could get their heads round 'Bek') Hanson…..go out and do some listening and let mw know your thoughts on one my all time favourite artists. thanks very much x

(p.s. and i dontn care what anyone says….especially u tom, beck IS better than 'Athelete'!!!)

March 04, 2005

while i'm in the blogging mood…..today I love…

Today (and admittedly on Wednesday) i love…..

the word 'CHEVRON'.

1) A badge or insignia consisting of stripes meeting at an angle, worn on the sleeve of a military or police uniform to indicate rank, merit, or length of service.
2) Heraldry. A device shaped like an inverted V.
3) A V-shaped pattern, especially a kind of fret used in architecture.

and…..isn't it something on the motorway, something to do with chevrons between cars? some kind of distance marked on the road?! ahhh, who cares, chevron is a top word!

February 02, 2005

Scabby McScab

For those of you who have been lucky enough to see me recently you may be wondering what the funk has happened to my face. I shall explain…

after a very alcohol fuled Top B and an after party in Jack Martin it was decided we should have a piggy back race on the way home. I did warn that carrying me is a disasterous idea, but would they listen. no. So then Tom, whos back i was on, was running quite fast and we decked it. I flew over his head gashing my entire face on the floor. Very painful…..

now I look like this….....

January 16, 2005

Hey Kids…Go to my site

Writing about web page http://juliamaynard.tripod.com/

My only problem is that for some reason i spelt Ashley D R E W

January 09, 2005

Whats my favourite…?








December 30, 2004


well, over this festive season there have been mnay things i've wanted to 'blog', but this is the most worthy of them all. I couldn't wait to 'blog it'....

last night i was in Revolution (in sunny Sheffield) and my mate Jo came back from the loo saying she had just met Dick from 'Dick and Dom in the Bungalow'. well, i thought i couldnt miss this i had to see him with my own eyes. so off i went on a hunt for him and it wasn't hard to find him because he was staggering around being propped up by a mate (not Dom though….gutted).

He then oggled at my mate and I before approaching us and askin where we were going. we told him the name of the club- he claimed not to know where it was and asked to share our taxi there! haha, but then one of our mates said he would give us a lift, but not Dick, so we rejected Dick! wa ha ha.

he looked very drunk and for some reason really really sweaty! his face was as shiny as a very shiny object…..

for those of you who are unsure about this Dick fellow, here is a picture…....(he's the one on the left)

December 10, 2004

What I don't miss at uni

There are many things I do miss from uni over this festive season, like the opportunity to get pissed at the drop of a hat and being able to stumble home at any hour of the day without worrying about bumping into my dad on the corridor…...

but what i really really dont miss is….

bloody geese waking me up in the morning.


November 23, 2004

….blasts from the past continued…

i was only going to post one or two pictures of cartoons that I used to adore as a child, but when the memories started flooding back to me I couldn't stop. So here is a plethora of pictures for your enjoyment, let me know which is your favourite…...

some strange French version ….

just for ricardo and thanks to anthony….heathcliff and the guys

and his mates….remember these?

willy fogg

Fraggle Rock

Captain Sam

Since when did Sam Brassington smoke a pipe?


(with thanks to Hannah Clapham for her contributions to this blog entry!)

November 15, 2004

Warning to Jack

be careful jack, don't eat too many marshmallows…..

November 12, 2004

Newsflash: Paperclip can't stay awake for Hugh


just fell asleep

November 11, 2004

Check out the Stanley boys

A new gallery of the Actington Stanley lads in action is now available for your viewing….

On behalf of the supporters club i'd like to ask for more peope to attend these gripping games! keep listening out for William Hill's announcements at lectures for the next match….hope to see you all there, with pom poms!

November 08, 2004

blast from the past…

Does anyone remember this stange looking fellow? What an amazing programme that was..

eyes of the hawk, strength of the bear, speed of the puma? It can be only one man….

oooooh a new one!
who remembers the wonderful GREEN CLAWS?! he was very scary now i think about it. loved the owl though!

(with thanks to Gethin Jones for refreshing my memory as to the wonders of the Psammead)

October 18, 2004

JECBH on tour

In less than 72 hours James Edward Carlise Bucknall Hodder will be departing the Uk to make the trek over to Amsterdam.

After another phone call yesterday I discovered that James Edward Carlise Bucknall Hodder will not be taking his phone on his trip. Gutted. I will be in mourning at his departure as i will not be able to speak to him for at least 3 days. So please be sensitive to my delicate state in Hodder's absence.

When i searched for a lovely picture of Amsterdam where James Edward Carlise Bucknall Hodder will be going, this is what i found…...is that really Amsterdam

October 15, 2004

Evaluation by Julia and Scarfy Scarfy Jack Jack

Cutcher's Blog- This is a brilliant evaluation of web resources for a theatre historian ; there si alot of useful informatiin which guides you through each web-site , insightful information, good pictures that dont just take up space for there is a mass of textual material.

The website that she added to the links "ancient theatre''

Julia Maynard – This is a genuinely good site; the site has be designed to mimic the Greek Tragedy Verse . There are links to pictures and a concise analysis of what makes a good site for a theatre historian. (yep that's me)

Hester Bond – A very nice evaluation, with a good range of material ; however she can't fool us ; three wapping great pictures made it look like alot work when actual it was a pitifule excuse for degree level standard

Vaughan Jacob – Quite a good anlysis of internet resources for a theatre historian ; Vaughan has given an in-depth critique with a good balnce of information. For example given time to advanatges and disadvantages of different sites , included pictures and maps, and discussed the techinical difficulties of some sites .