November 05, 2004

All Ye Theatre People…

I've spent bloody ages on doing a gallery of all y'all (my computer's slow!) on our crazy theatre trips. So show some appreciation! Go on… 30 magical pictures await your viewing.

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  1. loverly photos master william

    you are fast becoming theatre studies professional photographer

    i especially approve off the short but sweet(humourous) captions.
    'cept there are no photros off me, but i know you are saving these for your more, ahem, Private Moments

    (looking forward to see Purple/Halloween photos)

    05 Nov 2004, 15:42


    Fab pics boyo, there are none of Jack yes he is correct but I have some of him in bondage so do you want those? I'd love to be of any assistance.


    PS: U beta be doin ur essay YOUNG MAN!

    05 Nov 2004, 16:34

  3. ooooh excellent work Wiil Hill…

    Jack in bondage? now that i gotta see! when on earth did u get those guido? (very worried)

    and yes i am on the internet at 10pm on a friday night. not because i dont have anything better to do (which i do, but if i told u what i'd have to kill you), but because i am recovering from a massive hang–over.

    05 Nov 2004, 22:10

  4. word.

    05 Nov 2004, 22:11

  5. Just doing the rounds of looking at people's blogs and pinching stuff for the sst1 questoins. Yours is crap!! Wow, you loved annisa's comment didnt you!! Poor bugger, she want come back when she goes home for xmas. I'm sure she loves our country really, just takes time to get used to, dont take it to heart, William.

    07 Nov 2004, 21:36

  6. Will i would like to say that i've seen some really good humorous pictures…..but i can't!

    08 Nov 2004, 01:21

  7. I think you're doing a great job Willy! Without you we would have no memories of such adventures! Keep up the happy snapping! ;)!

    p.s. – more pics of Gerry would be greatly welcomed!

    08 Nov 2004, 10:26

  8. thanks for your comments william hill…the originality never ceases to amaze xxx

    12 Nov 2004, 10:53

  9. taking pictures of people when they are asleep and sitting in unflattering positions is mean. but i forgive you, so dont worry. love the picture of you and geri, she looks like she has no idea where she is, who you are, or what the hell youre poking in her face. shes a ledge.

    12 Nov 2004, 11:15

  10. Gerry… she loves the what?!!

    13 Nov 2004, 10:43

  11. COCK

    13 Nov 2004, 18:29

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