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March 14, 2005

Non Bon Jovi

This blog entry kills two birds with one stone, and will make one particular housemate and one semi-evolved frisbee player very happy!!

Dead bird number one ( a bird not dissimilar to a blackbird):

I have come in from the wilderness and decided to knuckle down and write a blog entry. Nick (geek, chump, but hell of a kisser*!!) has been bugging me for ages to blog, so this one is for you buddy!!

Dead bird number 2 ( a fuck off great big Bald Eagle):

As may be infered by the title of this blog, THE MULLET IS NO MORE!!!! It is laying in pieces (along with my aspirations of being the next Pat Sharp) on the floor of Steven Andersons Unisex haiordressers. I feel naked without it, but atleast now I won't get stopped by people in the street telling me how much they loved Fun House and asking me if I shagged those co-presenter twins in the ball pit!!

Nice to see you again, must dash,


Quote of the day: "As welcome as a pork chop in a synagogue".... Only in Suffolk!!!!

  • Disclaimer: I would like to point out that I have never actually kissed Nick, but if he is anything like his mum then I feel this comment is more than justified!!

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