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July 17, 2006


Time and tide wait for noone? I guess so, since I'm already moving on to year 3 of 3. If asked how its gone so far, the quick response is "UP and Down". Each year I haven't been able to achieve completely what I've been after but I know I have definately moved forward.
Before my first year I was advised by a wise man to make sure I plan, prioritise and execute with perfection. The planning bit is always easy for me and I have to say through a few tough experiences, I've been managing the priorities better. Perfection is what I feel I need the most, my goal is to learn by watching those who do well at it.

There are some who study to pass the exam but put no effort into retaining useful working knowledge of the subject. It definately works because they do achieve the highest grades, just by looking at past papers and pestering the examiners about what is coming. I, on the other hand, have worked on trying to understand more about how it all relates to real world problems, this makes subjects more interesting for me because I always want to use this knowledge in my everyday life. Admitedly I have neglected the exam knowledge on which I am actually judged. I feel that a meaningful step forward would be to put more emphasis on exam study yet maintaining a healthy amount of general reading.

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