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Currently : Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate

I have always been interested in engineering since a very young age, mainly because I have uncles and other relations whos careers have already followed this path. I am also one who you cannot just mention something to without elaborating on how it works.

Before attending The University of Warwick I did my A-levels at Christ the King Sixth Form College in Lewisham, London. This was a quiet but I have to say excellent 2 years of college because I learnt a lot about myself here and also met some good friends. It was definately more calmed down than the previous school I attended ( more about that later) and eveyone was generally warm and friendly.

Next door to this sixth form was St Joseph’s Academy (a boys school) where I did my GCSE’s. We wore green blazers at St Joseph’s, I think to warn other citizens that trouble was on the way, such was the misdemeanours of the pupils that the red London buses usually never stopped at bus stops coloured with more than one green blazer. The teachers were probably the hardest working in world because not only did they have to cope with constant disruptions but they really had to chase people around to receive any coursework.

Prior to my GCSE year 11, most of my education was in Zimbabwe, Bernard Mizeki College is were my Form 3 (Year 10 equivalent) was done. At BMC as most schools in Zimbabwe there was a no-nonsense idea when it came to school and education which sat me in good stead when I moved to St Joseph’s because I remained focussed amidst all the chaos and drama.

Godfrey Huggins primary school in the town of Marondera 70km from Harare is where it all began. I still have fond memories of my fellow pals and teachers from. (Incidentally all my teachers for the 7 years of primary school were female, interesting.) I learnt to swim, play hockey and tennis which have remaind firm interests of mine.

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