July 22, 2006


Earlier on in the year we (2nd year engineering) had to complete a starting a business assignment, the first part of which involved making an "Upper level pitch" (idea presentation) asking for funding from some external guests (representing investors). Our group's idea involved using a certain material (that actually exists) to make a bed cover that can cool your body temperatures down during hot humid summers.

In our argument we talked about heat–waves and the vulnerability of the old and young; we also mentioned ordinary house–holds, hospitals and such like institutions as potential customers.
The panel did not take to this idea very well and asked questions; such as "Why would you actually need a cover if its too hot, surely you can just bare all?"

Bearing in mind that this was winter time and hence difficult too ague the purpose of this product. Right now I can see all the reasons why I would need such a product because even though its too hot I'm still rolling around in a duvet.

The need to have something cosy (to snuggle up in) is what made it such great idea I feel; and of course wheather it would work as a business is different issue but still one I'm inclined to believe (but wouldn't I?) .

July 17, 2006


Time and tide wait for noone? I guess so, since I'm already moving on to year 3 of 3. If asked how its gone so far, the quick response is "UP and Down". Each year I haven't been able to achieve completely what I've been after but I know I have definately moved forward.
Before my first year I was advised by a wise man to make sure I plan, prioritise and execute with perfection. The planning bit is always easy for me and I have to say through a few tough experiences, I've been managing the priorities better. Perfection is what I feel I need the most, my goal is to learn by watching those who do well at it.

There are some who study to pass the exam but put no effort into retaining useful working knowledge of the subject. It definately works because they do achieve the highest grades, just by looking at past papers and pestering the examiners about what is coming. I, on the other hand, have worked on trying to understand more about how it all relates to real world problems, this makes subjects more interesting for me because I always want to use this knowledge in my everyday life. Admitedly I have neglected the exam knowledge on which I am actually judged. I feel that a meaningful step forward would be to put more emphasis on exam study yet maintaining a healthy amount of general reading.

January 23, 2005

Can't Expect the Unexpected

Just don't even try expect anything, read on…
Basically a prisoner is told by a judge in court that he will be hanged next week but the day of the hanging will be a surprise. The prisoner realizes that if he wakes up Saturday morning and finds himself not dead, then he can't be hanged that day because it would not be a surprise. By induction of course, he then eliminates Friday and so on for every day of the week.

But come Wednesday he was hanged — much to his surprise — as the judge promised.

Mind blogling!

Ponder this,
A highly superior being from another part of the galaxy presents you with two boxes, one open and one closed. In the open box there is a thousand-pounds. In the closed box there is either one million pounds or there is nothing. You are to choose between taking both boxes or taking the closed box only. But there's a catch.
The being claims that he is able to predict what any human being will decide to do. If he predicted you would take only the closed box, then he placed a million pounds in it. But if he predicted you would take both boxes, he left the closed box empty. Furthermore, he has run this experiment with 999 people before, and has been right every time.

*What do you do? *
I've only ever heard of one satisfying response.

January 21, 2005

Take it or leave it?

I've tried to think about it sensibly but its actually not that simple because if I actually was in this situation I think I might actually leave with NOTHING!
Sorry heres the situation…

You and an acquaintance, "Pat", are walking down the street when you meet an older couple with a bag of money. The older couple makes the following offer: We wish to give the two of you £100,000 if you can decide how it should be shared between the two of you in the next 3 minutes. You say, "So, Pat, what do you say? How about fifty thousand pounds each". To your dismay, Pat answers, "Gee, I'm really sorry, but my dog needs an expensive operation. So, I'll take eighty thousand pounds and you can have twenty thousand. I won't settle for anything less!"
What do you do? Insist on an even split and get nothing or take the £20,000 and be happy?

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