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December 14, 2008

Reflection from LE

So far, i've passed the leadership and excellence module for more than a week. Before studying this module, leadership in my mind mostly refer to my experiences such as my boss etc.. but after studying i've got broader thought about it although i can have some ideas when we were asked in the class but i never think about it before. For example, situation is related to leadership, this give an idea for me  that every single minute can have differrent leader although a person who is leader at that time may not know that he/she is leader.

Besides, there was an activity which i think it might be very useful which is coaching activity but we didn't spend much time on it. This can help us exchanging experiences and perspectives.

Also, this module gave us a chance to being a leader. This was very helpful but sometimes we need Paul to activate us to dare taking a risk being a leader.

This module didn't have any formal lectures which seem like we almost study by ourself. This has both pros and cons which has been dicussing topic since we start this course. I wont give my opinion whether is good but i just share my feeling that sometime when i sit in the other lecture class i felt sleepy..actually i dont know why.....sometimes i asked myself that whether i like self-studying...haha

December 04, 2008

Leadership and Excellence

We almost finish the LE module. There have been some lessons about learning processes. For example, i feel that the mini-project which is formed as a case study style is very useful because we can see how we can apply and also we can get many opinion from both Paul and our classmates. And another interesting point is each group interpret the given questions in different ways. However, there has been a discussion about our learning style.Someone told that this style may not be effective and effecient enough.... for me, i'm still thinking about it because i can understand what my friend said and still cannot make my mind that which way i prefer. And also we changed a way of seminar, although it's tougher because we have to discuss in a group first but i think it's more interesting and efficient than the previous one... Pual gave us a chance to find a way that we think it's more suitable. One think that i'm thinking is we have learnt about the leadership but how about being follwers ... how important it is......

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