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November 29, 2008

My CBE PMA is forming

This week may be the tough week for everybody of us because we need to do both PMA and mini project but anyway we must pass through this soon.

Right now i'm working on the 3rd question of the CBE PMA and just sent feedforward to Paul and hopefully that my direction is right. It's really very useful like Pual said i used what Pual suggested in the PMA surgery session which is writing an introduction. A reason why it's helpful is the introduction can help me to see clearer picture what i gonna do.

With regards to the learning organization, i've read both roughly and deeply in some journal they are many sources mention about LO diffrently but most of them also mention about the fifth disciplines of Senge which i think he may be a pioneer in this area (anyway i'm not sure). So, i decided to do my PMA base on it.

May force be with me and my classmates.... :)

November 27, 2008

Leadership Definition and Hoshin Kanri

Today in the LE class, we talked about leadership definition which every group has the same notion about influcing which must be a part of leadership and that's true. I also agree with that. Another area which i'm still thinking is how leader can handle with a situation which he/she has to make a decision which may not be agreed by some subornidates. What i mean is about mental aspects. Because it's mean that the leader must be patient to criticism and try to put an effort until being able to prove an achievement of the goal.

And also today Paul remind us to write on the blog and actually i can see what his purpose is. Because i also can see advantages of blogging but one problem which i'm facing and also may b others are facing is Time Management. Yesterday i talked to Louis(Kang) that although we plan to do sth in a certain period of time but one important factor is our capability. For example, if we plan to read books for an hour but with our capability may be... we can't finish reading in an hour. And although Louis told Paul's suggestion about focusing only information we need from the books but i'm still thinking and try to find a way to overcome it.

The time past so fast. Now i'm researching HOSHIN which i've found something confusing. From the course note there are 7 steps of Hoshin Planing Process but from another source i also found 7 steps of Hoshin process which they are different. And also in the source mention about there are 2 kinds of activities in Hoshin process which are Breakthrough activities and Business Fundamental activities. Anyway, i'll b back to research more and hope that i can figure out what the differences are.

May force be with me... Haha :)

November 11, 2008

How i am…So far 11 Nov 08

After finished CBE module, i have done an assignment of GBE for almost 2 and a half weeks. First question has come up that why i've spent too much. And the answer i've got is... may be because this is a new style of learning which i need to adapt. However, another lesson what i've learnt is .... i should realize quicker that this has been a long time. Anyway, during searching data to do the assignment i found that it's fun to read various aspect of data and gain new knowledge... however, one thing which is not fun is... the assignment have to be finished and sent in order to evaluate marks... haha :$. There are 5 days left for this week. Next week module is quite interesting and as i've seen in the email which has been sent by the tutor. He told that we gonna work as a group again and he will let us do many activity. Let's see what it gonna b.

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