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October 28, 2008

Past 2 weeks

It's almost 2 weeks i didn't write my blog.

After the latest time, i had a Global Business Environment class. When the course began, many of my friends including me suffered a bit about a lecturer's accent. However, we've gone through it although it's quite tough because we hv class from 9 to 6 and some days we had to sit in a group discussion but it's a good lesson that make me be more patient.  In the GBE class, there were many discussions between the tutor and students. What i found is... i may get used to OR prefer to study like the CBE style rather than just sitting in a lecture room because when i looked back to the period i did the CBE pre-module assignment i found that although i was confused so much about what i needed to do, i didn't feel bored or sleepy.... may be because we need to figure out what we had to answer the pre-module assigment question by ourselves ... and during that we have to think about it all the time we did... it's not like the lecture which sometime we can lose our concentration easily.

The last day of GBE, we studied about a credit crush phenomena. It like a chain effect which need intensive and collaborative attention to fix it.

And actually, in that week i should practice much on my presentation but i didn't because i ran out of my energy everyday i came back to my room however i spent an entire day on Saturday to revise my presentation in order to get more structuring and then i went to present it to my teammates on Sunday. On that Sunday, i hope that i would get an acceptable feedback from my teammates and i thought i got it. However, i still need to practice until the presentation day. In that time, i think that i would do my best and work hard was my strategy.

When the presentation day came, if i hv to evalutate myself i think i've got what i worked hard for although it could not be compared to others but for myself i've been satisfied my performance. Although Paul told that my English is fantastic, i still can't think so because what i presented on that day came from my practicing not my real capability... however, i will try to keep practicing for getting an improvement... i believe tha the more i do the more i gain.

But one thing which i'm concerned is... i used to use the motto (the more..., the more...) to overcome any troubles in the past but one thing i found is .... sometime when people try to overcome something, they may forget that what they really want because they just want to overcome. From my real life experience, when i had to choose which course i would select as a bachelor degree, i didn't think that what i really desired so i just selected the subject which has an opportunity to find job easily and when i studied i just thought that i would work hard in order to gain the degree and find a high salary job. And when i graduated and worked for 3 years i just realized that the subject i selected does not come from what i desired to be or to have ... however, what've done and selected are not useless... everything has it own value... because we may not be able to know what is right for us until we die...

Let's get back to talk about CBE study, the most of previous week classes were seminar, presentation and lecture... one thing that i've been impressed is the reflection section. Every morning, Paul let us to talk about a reflection (what we've learnt so far... not just about the academic aspect but also other aspects which we can discuss together to share and adjust the course content in order to be suitable for the class) and i found that a reason why i like this section because i often gain some thinking or lesson from Paul and my classmates.

Right now i'm in the first free week and have another 2 free weeks. Actually, it's not the real free weeks because there are 2 PMA to be finished. However, when i see back i think the time pass so fast and also our life is short .... so time management must need to be considered!!

October 12, 2008

Who knows

So far, the course hv started for 1 week but i don't feel that it's just one week. There have been manythings to learn, to adapt, to confront. I've been asking myself how to tackle to any coming issues. What we study can be applied well to human living. Sometimes i think that may be ... many theories are based on something in common but they just are intepreted or presented in various ways which depend on its objective. However, one thing which my course leader often mentions is a time management which i'm not quite sure whether i can do like what he recommend or not  because it seem like every minutes has its own value but in my opinion each person also has his/her limitation to do the same thing. Although a result of our study (i mean a grade) is not important but it's undeniable that it's still a  common measurement around the world. So, what is important for studying ... if the answer is learning style... how can anybody know that which style is the best or which one should be admired.... it seem like ... actually nobody knows what is the ture or false.... who knows....

my today blog may be a little bit confusing... haha... hope u enjoy it...

October 08, 2008

The first day of self–studying

Today is my really first day of's not easy because everything is in English... not only translation is needed but also intepretion is needed.... so my reading speed is lower.... but hopefully it will be improved day by day. I've researched about Malcolm and Deming Model today... and I found that in an issue such as customer focusing... it can be interpretted in many angel... because i think that both of Malcolm and Deming also have somethings in common but they are interpreted in different way.... however, i'm still not quite clear about it... so i can't write much.

October 07, 2008


Actually, there are manythings I would like to recall to write in the blog but i'm not sure how much i can recall. I think i will write it down whenever i can recognise.

Today, we had no class in the morning which is good for me... it's unbeleivable that i fell sleep after I got up... but it made me fresh. However, there has been something i'm concerned in my mind which is my communicative skill in English. Actually, I've realized that I have this problem since yesterday. Yesterday, I came back to my room with so much fatigue and i try to find out what made me feel like that. Then, i may get the answer which is my English communicative skill because most of times when i was in a group discussion there were somethings i would like to say but i can't speak in English. And another cause of my fatigue may be because i'm in adjustment period again. This is because there is something changed in my life ... which may be the course starting. And i just notice that everytime when there is something changed in my life i'm always confused myself and sometime feel disappoint to myself. However, this time i think it's the first time i try to figure out why i feel like this.... which is great because i think i may need time to adjust and improve myself to tackle with the changed environment... let's see how good i will deal with it. Apart from that, I have to sorry to my classmates first, If I can't speak very well but i will try my best. Today, Paul told us an interesting word which is "winning is understanfing urself better". The word may be able to be applied to my case.

At the afternoon, we hv a discussion about MBE learning environment conducted by Paul which there were not much topics (I aslo didn't raise any topics but i think i will in the future)but I think it's a good session to share our ideas and comments.... it's really dffer from the existing traditional learning style like lecturing. Actually, i used to think that it's quite an ideal to study like this... but here we gonna make it happen... how great it is.....

Actually before the class I and my groupmates had a group meeting to discuss about working style and our plan. I think we did it good... it's  systematic working.

After the class, i went to the library with Lila she is lovely actually... we find some materials in order to do the assignments then went back to our accomodation.

October 06, 2008

My very late blog… but good to begin.. Thank you Paul

Before I came to study here, i intended that i would write something like my diary everyday because i dont wanna forget every moment here but unfortunately since i arrived here i haven't got a chance to even think about it. So, i do need to thank to Paul my course leader to let this blog to be a part of our learning be honest, it's very cool idea actually...

In fact, i lived here for almost 2 months, there have been manythings i have learnt. The most important thing is planning... let me think about it... actually, i still feel i'm always busy because i have to think about my plan all the time... may be i'm in my continuous process improvement... haha..... Anyway, there are manythings i'd like to write... may be i will gradually write it out to here... my space....

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