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March 16, 2009

Something to learn about Facility Management

As mentioned in my previous blog i am shedding some light on the presentation done by me where  i read a lot on Facility Management and its importance.The functions and resposibilities of Facility Management :

Helps in Long Range and Annual Facility Planning
– Its about looking beyond daily activities and concerns of the organization.
Facility Financial Forecasting and Management
–    Fully integrates facility department into financial world.
–    Making everyone aware of the organization processes, requirements in the language called finance.
Real estate Consideration
-    As the name suggests is the consideration to buy sell or lease fixed assets.
Architectural & Engineering Planning and Design
-    It’s the step 2 after considering the assets where the requirements drive the layout of the building
Interior Programming and Space Planning
-    is the step taken to achieve optimum performance by the wokers
Construction and Renovation Work
-    is a daily activity . Renovation and relocation is don’t so that all mechanical electrical systems perform throughout the year.
Maintenance and Operations
-    are ways to reduce cost ,
-    built environment must be maintained as an ongoing process.  Which helps improve the physical and brand image of the company
General Administrative and Service Technology
- Provides day to day support for management and employees

March 12, 2009

Not just a presentation

I have to do a presentation on Facility Management on Friday, Everyone by now knows how bad my presentation skills are but the topic Ithink is really good to talk about. If a better presenter than me had to present would actually go on and on for 1 hr without stopping in such a topic and I have to try and speak about it atleast 3 minutes and hope not to stutter. I remember during the begining of MBE Paul made us write a paper explaining about our weaknesses, strenghts and I remember correctly writing that i cannot present before a crowd and then i did not know we would be having so much of presentations though out of which I presented only once. Which I would not even call it a presentation. I have been researching on so many topics and complimenting other team members by my research which they were presenting. But the research I Have done on Facility Management I donot even know if its correct. If I would be able to answer any questions fired at me after the presentation. I have noticed that If u believe in a topic and understand it well then only i can speak about it like I spoke during the debate, I was not even suppose to present any of the speeches both the times I was taken by surprise by my fellow classmates to speak about the example I had explained them before they were going to present.Which to my surprise I did not hesitate to speak about. So this time for my presentation i read a lot on Facility Management and its importance which I would be surely blogging about after my presentation.

March 09, 2009

Reward Vs Recognition

I think it was good heated discussion in class today about the Rewards and Recognition given in an Organisation , It was learnt that Recognition is more important that Reward system , also referring from Francisco's Blog that Rewards cannot change a person . But is that actually true ? If we donot reward the people and just recognise them for their creation and innovation would that drive their creativity out . In the case for an Innovation  of an Apple Ipod , would it had been enough if CEO Steve Jobs just gave the ipod creator and innovator just some recognition ?

From today atleast we can consider that reward and recognition which is often rolled as one , in reality, the two are quite different. If i have to compare and state the reason for choosing a reward or recognition over one other would be ;

For a reward to be given it would be given in return for something somebody has done and would usually be based on a demonstration of desired behaviour. It would be directly related to achieving a outcome. Though the  reward would be given to encourage a behaviour that can be measured. 

For recognition to be given , it would generally be a token of acknowledgement. And should be given in the spur of the behaviour that is just when the action took place. The difficulty is that sometimes they are rushed and specially many a times insincere and biased. 

But the above is different for every other individual. Some individual might just want both. One individual might respond more with intrinsic motivation and the other might respond to extrinsic motivation. and Sometimes its very essential to recognise at the same time tag a reward with the the action to drive out future behaviours like creativity. 

Reward and Recognition are very subjective . Can be understood and followed differently. One other dependency of a reward and recognition system should also be upon the economic state of the country and the financial strength of the workers employed. 

March 06, 2009

Six Sigma or no six sigma

During  PIUSS , I think it was a very innovative way of learning about process improvement by looking at examples after every step of learning . The only thing  that was actually again and again going into my head was the fact that people recruiting consultants for process improvement but they donot want to call it as six sigma, when they are doing the same thing as six sigma. Ok, there is a reason i can think of is that  reaching six sigma is very tough for an organisation that the reason they just call it process improvement but are'nt the firms actually following six sigma only. 

The other questions that arised was .. is six sigma .. being followed in smaller organisationa because the fact that we have to recruit qualified black belts , sounds expensive . 

How reliable is the information gathered by every person from the organisation? During the examples it showed the delivery person sitting with the main heads of the organisation. In companies is that possible for low worker to sit with the chairman ? I dont think that is very much possible? getting the information from bottom to top is really tough as compared to top to bottom. How can it be then possible to share the knowledge . 

December 03, 2008

Knowledge vs Time

We were in class discussing about the Areas of Improvements and Strenghts for our appraisal system mini project. After brainstorming we came up , Lot of Discussion in the strenghts and Time management in the areas of improvement. But can both be there on the same report. We had a lot of quality discussion which made us offtrack from our target time of completeion . But we also had a good outcome where we all discussed a lot  which was very helpful. We gained more knowledge while discussing so much. But Time management is also important. How do we measure these two aspects. When is the right time to stop discussing about something even though it is very much relevant to the topic. On which do we give more importance too ? If we did not have so much of discussion we would not have gathered so much of knowledge . If we thought about time management we wouldnt have had so much of discussions. Two simple points but very debateable.

November 25, 2008

Crimson Tide

Today we had the first class of our Leadership excellence model and i thought it opened with a bang. Today we were given handouts about 6 characters and we had to choose among them the best leader and deputy leader who could save them during crisis. While doing this I could really relate todays work on a movie called the "Crimson Tide"

Its a movie about two leaders with different philosophies about battle and leadership wage war with each other in this tense military thriller. Capt. Frank Ramsey (Gene Hackman) is the commanding officer of a nuclear submarine, the U.S.S. Alabama. Ramsey is a distinguished veteran near the end of his career, and he leads his men very strictky and inthe movie as the people say with an "iron hand"; as he puts it, "We're here to preserve democracy, not to practice it." Ramsey is assigned a new second-in-command, Lt. Cmmdr. Ron Hunter (Denzel Washington); Hunter is much younger than Ramsey, Harvard educated, and believes the goal of the military in the nuclear age is to prevent war, not fight it. While at sea, message reaches the Alabama that a group of Russian forces have seized missile underground pits, and the ship is put on red alert. The Alabama has orders to fire, but as it is receiving a new incoming order the radio malfunctions. It's Ramsey's contention that an order is an order and they are to move forward with the attack, while Hunter feels if there is any question at all about their mission, they should wait until they can receive further instruction, with Hunter going so far as to threaten mutiny against Ramsey if the missile strike is carried out. The movie is the fight between two leaders , who have different views and both leaders are assertive which is very important. I think everyone should watch the movie to know what i am talking ablout.

I did watch the movie again today to understand the meaning of leadership from the movie. I think its a very good way of understanding leadership situations without getting bored. It should be a fun way of learning.

I am looking forward for another session somewhat like this to make it really fun while learning.