October 07, 2008


Actually, there are manythings I would like to recall to write in the blog but i'm not sure how much i can recall. I think i will write it down whenever i can recognise.

Today, we had no class in the morning which is good for me... it's unbeleivable that i fell sleep after I got up... but it made me fresh. However, there has been something i'm concerned in my mind which is my communicative skill in English. Actually, I've realized that I have this problem since yesterday. Yesterday, I came back to my room with so much fatigue and i try to find out what made me feel like that. Then, i may get the answer which is my English communicative skill because most of times when i was in a group discussion there were somethings i would like to say but i can't speak in English. And another cause of my fatigue may be because i'm in adjustment period again. This is because there is something changed in my life ... which may be the course starting. And i just notice that everytime when there is something changed in my life i'm always confused myself and sometime feel disappoint to myself. However, this time i think it's the first time i try to figure out why i feel like this.... which is great because i think i may need time to adjust and improve myself to tackle with the changed environment... let's see how good i will deal with it. Apart from that, I have to sorry to my classmates first, If I can't speak very well but i will try my best. Today, Paul told us an interesting word which is "winning is understanfing urself better". The word may be able to be applied to my case.

At the afternoon, we hv a discussion about MBE learning environment conducted by Paul which there were not much topics (I aslo didn't raise any topics but i think i will in the future)but I think it's a good session to share our ideas and comments.... it's really dffer from the existing traditional learning style like lecturing. Actually, i used to think that it's quite an ideal to study like this... but here we gonna make it happen... how great it is.....

Actually before the class I and my groupmates had a group meeting to discuss about working style and our plan. I think we did it good... it's  systematic working.

After the class, i went to the library with Lila she is lovely actually... we find some materials in order to do the assignments then went back to our accomodation.

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  1. Dear Toon, most of us need time to adjust to this new situation. You are not alone. Don’t be so serious and take it easy. Just do what we have to do everyday, that’s enough~and some day you will find yourself totally fit it.

    07 Oct 2008, 23:39

  2. Hi Toon! Don’t need to apologise, I am sure it is only temporary. Besides I have no problem understanding what you’re saying, it’s the ideas that count and your ideas often come across very powerfully!

    08 Oct 2008, 23:01

  3. lila

    Toon welcome to the club! I think that most of us are feeling strange-excited but a bit afraid at the same time-.For example I still function on greek time! As time goes by things will settle and we will all feel better. And about the language issues,it is a matter of time as well…although I don’t think u should worry about it…

    P.S. thanx for being my personal guide at the library,I couldn’t have managed without u !

    09 Oct 2008, 15:24

  4. Your English is quite nice actually….dont worry…...

    16 Oct 2008, 22:44

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