October 13, 2006

My First Entry

In the past I have considered starting a blog, but I have never been able to think of suitable topic. I played around with the idea of keeping an online diary, but I figured that nothing I ever do would be of particular interest to anyone other than friends and family. Moreover if I ever did do anything of interest I would probably be too busy being interesting to have the time to update my blog. However, as Bob Dylan once remarked “the times they are a changing” and I have found good reason to start a blog. I signed up to the history module “In Sickness and in Wealth: International Development and the Making of the third World”, which requires me to set up a media diary and like an idealistic UN peacekeeper I have risen to the challenge. The subject of my blog is Sierra Leone. As it is still early days I have not yet decided which issues I shall focus on. I am interested in how the West perceives Sierra Leone through Hollywood and Popular music so I have been looking at various newspapers and online film sites. I am also interested in the effect British colonialism has had on Sierra Leone’s economy. Too topics which may not appear to link together, but I might soon find they actually do. Anyway, it’s still early days and I will get back to you when I have found something truly worthy of your time.

P.S. At the time of typing I am in the IT resources room. I have just had a thought. Wouldn’t it be so cool and post-modern if in a few weeks time, when my blog is in full swing, if I looked across the resources room and saw someone checking out my blog?

P.P.S. On second thought it wouldn’t be particularly cool or interesting, as it would be no different to watching another person read one of my essays. This whole blog thing has got me rather over excited.

P.P.P.S. No actually it would be cool because if I saw someone who I didn’t know reading my blog it would mean that they were reading because they genuinely found the blog interesting. They would not be reading it as a personal favour to me or to check up on how my blog was going in comparison to there’s. Wow. Blogs are great

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