November 09, 2006

Cram cram cram

- Written at a time when blood diamonds were a ‘new concept’ in the west?
- RUF trained in Liberia. Suggests that blood diamonds are an international issue from the begginning – Liberia wants to control SL diamond trade
- 4% – 10% of diamonds on the market are ‘conflict diamonds’

- brief 20th century history of ‘conflict diamonds’
- problems with implementing anti-conflict diamond legislation – bribes

- more detailed account of governemtn corruption post-1930s when the diamonds were descovered
- De Beers (diamond seller) directly involved until 1980s – then became indirectly involved
- Accusses De Beers of moving out of SL durring armed conflict – relocating to Liberia, where most of the diamonds would be smuggled and resold

- accusations at De Beers – buying conflict diamonds even though say said they wouldn’t

- notice the article immediately points out how conflict diamonds relates to the US – the reader is only interested because it indirectly relates to them?
- 12,000 UN peackeepers in SL – largest contingent in the world
- click on the link and you can view some really graphic pictures of acts of violence committed by the rebels – pictures designed to attract the interest of the West?
- SL photographer Sorius Samura says: will a Hollywood film director have to come to SL before anyone pays attention?
- in this article a source says that it is difficult for a diamond expert to tell the difference from a legitimate diamond and a rebel diamond – in another article an expert said that diamonds can be identified from there regio
- 10-15% of diamonds around the world are conflict diamonds – but a higher share are of gem quality

- requent references to the attrocities committed towards people and how they relate to people buying diamonds in the West – encourage emotional envolvement?
- make diamond industry work for SL’s benifit rather than its ruin – issue frequently brought up in many of these articles
- failure of techniques to monitor the selling of diamonds frequently made reference to in all these articles

- mentions straight away that the photographer nearly died obtaining the footage
- mention of needing a hollywood director to make a film about SL
- points out that shocking footage helped to glavanize oppossition to the Vietnam war

- illegal diamond sellers cross boarders to get past diamond trade regulations

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