June 08, 2008


Today I received this personalised e-card from my good friend in Thailand. She said the flower was planted by her. How clever she is! I have started countdowns of my viva, though I am quite confident of my work and cannot see any reason that I should be panicking. However, after my disappointment last month that my viva has to be postponed because my theses did not reach the examiners until one week before the scheduled exam date, I have learnt to expect the unexpected. I have put a lot of efforts and energy on this Ph.D. project, and I do hope I can get whatever I deserve to have. Praying…

card from Wasana

August 01, 2007


Mandarian farewell dinner 1这周都在写PAPER, 脑汁都被炸干, 真有一种江郎才尽的感觉. 昨天 去游了1000米,才算是喘过气来.

昨晚去和以前学中文的学生一起吃了一次饭.这其实是我当初的提案,后来有事我不能去.他们还真的记得, 一定要等到我有空了聚一次.很是让我感动.放暑假很多学生都回去了,来的人不算多. 但很温馨. 因为龙凤楼的少公子在我班上,我们就去他那吃.他特地去BIRMINGHAM买了包子,饺子, 还要厨子给我们做了豆腐, 炒豆芽等.虽然都是家常菜,大家都很开心.大家听说我下学期不教他们了,都很伤心,多少也让我小小的虚荣了一下. 说实话,教这帮子学生我是很费了一番心思的.以前学过的教育学心理学的书都翻了出来, 每堂课都设计了游戏和文化亮点,注意察言观色, 看学生的反馈.大家都是成年人,老师有没有用心教他们谁都看得出来.有很多人都小看中文教学, 以为只要会说中英文人人都能去教.如果真是这样也不用培育幼师, 小学教育人才了,那点文化课谁不会啊.

好了,看到有这么多人喜欢中文, 想去中国,我真的很骄傲.说实话, 我觉得中国还有很多有待该进的地方,也没有我说的那么好.可我相信我们的国家会越来越好.

Mandarian farewell dinner 2

July 26, 2007

First time in my life

First time in my life

Every body has a first time in their life: first time to cry, first interview, first job… We cannot know the feeling until we really experience it.

Today I had the first time in my life to eat my words, though I was not willing to do that.

About 5 months ago I was invited to give an introductory lesson for a summer school at this month. I was (and I am) happy to do that because I love teaching, especially to talented youths. The organizer was very efficient: she sent me reminding emails two weeks before the session time, also she sent me participants’ name list, health condition… I also planned well for my lesson and was planning to impress my students (and I believed that I would!).

However early this morning, when I came to my office and had a last check with the session’s time and venue, I found that the time should be yesterday afternoon rather than today! What happened? On my diary it should be yesterday! I called the organizer and found that I have really missed the boat! My goodness! I am very upset about it. My principle of life is: if I have promised anything, I will try my best to do it. If I can’t make it, I will make an arrangement in advance. I would rather to upset myself rather than make others disappointed. But this time….

This is my first experience to eat my words. The feeling is …BAD!

December 18, 2006

Christmas time

at Bob

Christmas is coming though I am not excited about it at all. Being in this country for five years I always feel that I am a passenger, and I believe one day I will go back to the place that brought me up, so I never regard Christmas as my holiday. However, my life has been influenced by it because of the short opening hours of library, sports centre, and shops. Also, I have attended some of the Christmas parties as part of my social life this month. Christmas is a good excuses to hide away from work!
at Bob

Christmas do

with supervisor and colleagues

November 20, 2006


Mother Goose

“Pantomimes are traditional English plays performed at this time of year. They are always lots of fun, with lots of energy, humour, noise and participation from the audience, and are popular with children and adults. The small town of Chipping Norton is nice to look around also” (from international office trips and events website).

At a pantomime, there are often some traditional moments when the audience participate. Sometimes characters on the stage may ask the audience a simple question, with a yes or no answer. Another way the audience often participates is to boo or hiss the “baddie”.

On 16th Nov I went to Chipping Norton (a small town in Cotswold) to watch the pantomimes “mother goose”. We had great fun: we sung, we talked with actors and actress… It was very English, very Christmas play.

Here are some photos I took in Chipping Norton.

the road

the street

October 31, 2006


上周打电话回去,听说姐夫过世了,是肝伏水.虽说是预料之中的事,可到底还是有些震惊. 长这么大,在明白的印象之中,还从没有和我这么亲近的人就走了的. 听说他走时还很留恋这个人世, 两眼不停的留眼泪,久久也不肯合上. 年迈的父母, 幼小的女儿应该是他最大的牵挂.

和姐夫曾经在一起的点点滴滴象电影一样一幕幕的在我脑海中散过.他的不善言辞,他的直言直语, 他的为人正直, 他的涵养周到….只是觉得他还这么年轻, 人生还有很多美好的东西他还没有来得及体晤就走了.

从来没有人从天堂回来告诉我们他们在那里的生活.姐夫,你在天堂好不好? 要好好照顾自己啊!

June 15, 2006

Learning how to swim—– my story

For some lucky people, swimming is just a piece of cake—— they learnt how to swim when they were a child without much difficulty. For them, swimming is just as easy as using knives and forks, or chopsticks. However, for a small group of people, to be able to swim is just like to walk to another planet, which is a big challenge in their life. Most of them were afraid of water since they were little children, and dare not have the idea of learning swimming.

Unfortunately I was among the small group of people who are afraid of water since I was 2 years old. My parents still can remember that every time when they wanted to give me a bath, I was always crying as soon as I see the water. Occasionally if I go to swimming pool I will always bring a group of “savers” to be my accompany, and use a float all the time.

With ages increasing, I found it was more and more difficult to find partners who wanted to do the same sport at the same time with me. Every one is so busy! However, I am those sorts of people who can not survive without physical exercise. So, I decided to challenge myself to learn swimming!

I enrolled for a swimming lesson, and bough swimming suit, glasses, hat as my equipment. In the first two lessons, my performance was so poor that I even can not float with a sausage. That feeling was I was a loser, I am a loser, and I am going to be a loser in swimming in my whole life. Of course I can give up, nobody force me to swim. Then I heard a story from my friend—— his mom learned how to swim in her sixties by herself, and she spent 3 years to learn! My goodness, compared with her I am still very young, and I got tutor here. I know I am not very clever but my IQ should be the same with majority of the people because I can manage many other tasks well.

So, I talked my problems with my friend, and asked her to give me some tips. My friend said I probably were not patience enough, because nobody could learn how to swim in one day. Also she suggested me to ask the tutor to point out my weakness, and asked for homework after each lesson. “Do a lot of practice at your own time dear”, she smiled. I followed her suggestions. Later I talked to my swimming tutor, and asked her for homework. Meanwhile, if my academic work is not very busy, I get up at 7am every day, and then go to the pool to practice. Little by little, I am improving.

At the moment I still can’t swim properly, but I believe I will be able to swim in two weeks, if I carry on practicing. In the process of learning swimming, I also found that the reason of my poor spoken English was I was too impatient. Every time when I was trying to express myself in English, I was too anxious to let people know my meaning, so I spoke very fast without thinking properly, and the result was people were confused of me. What a shame! From last week I started to speak slowly, and take my time when I was talking. I found people could understand me better!

Be patient, hard working, right strategies, strong will…. these are what I have learned from my swimming lesson. I believe if I can use them properly, I can get most of the things I want sooner or later.

June 14, 2006

Hayfever, 2006

Unfortunately I got hayfever again this year though I think I am very healthy. The feeling is horrible….

Today I read an article in Chinese about how to get rid of your hayfever completely. The secret is to wear mask all the time. I think I will have a go.

经验之谈:花粉症的辩证施治 (cited from link)




March 06, 2006

roast trout

Follow-up to Onion, black fungus, pepper pork (圆葱木耳青椒肉片) from Wenli's blog

I have another friend, who doesn't know how to cook at all. He told me in his home city, there were a lot of 24 hours convenient stores where tasty and cheap meals are available all the time. It is not necessary to cook at home at all. Nevertheless, after staying in UK for several years, he also can cook several simple dishes.I learned the following receipt from him, it is easy, healthy and tasty!
1)把骨頭弄掉, (cut fish's head)
2)get rid of the bone
3)灑鹽, 灑半面 用另一面蓋起來
(put salt on half of the fish)
4)加醬油 (optional)
5)put spring onion and ginger 加進魚裏面
6)再拿去考 (roast for about 30 minutes)

March 03, 2006

Onion, black fungus, pepper pork (圆葱木耳青椒肉片)

Life in Warwick is gentle and peaceful. For students who are always short of money, the most common recreation is having party. Cooking is of course an irreplaceable part. Many students came to Warwick without any knowledge of cooking, however after 3 or 6 months, most of them become chief chef!

My friend A is one of them.初到英国时,他还是刚刚从父母的呵护下出笼的小鸟,可一年过去,他已经是能变出一桌美味的大厨.他有一道营养丰富,美味可口又简单易做的招牌菜, 就是这圆葱木耳青椒肉片. 做法如下:
1)猪肉切片, 圆葱切丝,发好的木耳切片,one sliced tomato,青椒去籽用手撕成不规则片状备用.
2)Fry pork and onion first, and then put tomato and black fungus in, frying together. Add some oyster oil and light soy sauce.
3)When the dish is nearly done, put pepper in, frying together.
4)Lastly, put some salt and the dish is ready to eat!

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