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June 07, 2007

Task 1

Bear & Beauty

Hi everybody, it's time for your first task. Don¡¯t worry, it¡¯s simple and concerning your interests. What you need to do is following the guide below and find out what you like and give us a little report. You don¡¯t have to write a formal essay but it would be great if you can answer those question not only readable but also creative. If you have any questions, just leave comments on my blog or discuss with your friends!




Societies in Warwick

People have different interests in their college life; you and your friends must have your own. Some of you like soccer, some of you love acting and I¡¯m sure many of you like music or computer games.

Here is a link of Student Union in Warwick and this is a list of societies in Warwick.

Try to find out at least two you are interested and answer following questions on your blogs.

1.     What do you like to do in your spare time? Have you gathered with a group people who have similar interests, and shared your feeling or ideas?

2.     Have you joined any society in Renmin University? What was it and what activities did you do in that society. Are you in charge of any department of that society? What do you like and dislike in your society and why?

3.     Pick up at least two societies you are interested in. Visit their website and try to find out: What they are doing? How much you need to pay for joining it? What privilege you can get by being a member? Find at least one picture you like and put up on your blogs.

4.     If there is nothing you need and you do have new ideas, just try to set up a new society here it could be about anything even a friend group from Renmin. Introduce your society and encourage your friends join in it!

5.     Is there any difference between societies in Chinese and English university? (The system, the size, the activity, the vote and the way of propaganda? etc)

6.     Check out what other people are doing with this task, leave any comments or questions to share your opinions.

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