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June 09, 2007

task2….....Saturday, How I Met Your Mother

It was a bit frustrated that most of them didn't do the task and many of them even didn't write anything on their blogs =(

I've checked all blogs , some surprise though, Mr. Zhu Guanqian has found something about game society and another student here gave very nice advice of " Assassin's Guild ". It reminds me of my college life. We were so crazy about this game when i was a freshman. And hundreds of people found a date through this game.......^^  wish  I could play it again.
Junila is a great blogger too.She has a review of a Japanese series and correlate it to feminism ^^ 
Anyway, expecting more and more people start the first task  this week , hopefully. I've still got 5K words to go and next Wed. I'm going to Swizz!!!! freak out  now!
how i met your mother
Is there anyone working on How I met your Mother? It's totally cool and so funny  typically American Funny!
Barney is leeeeeeeegendary!

I don't know why i've written the whole second task and it's gone!!! I didn't find that till today came back from Swizz land!

and now I'd like say little bit about the second task since i'm coming to lundon tomorrow. It's very easy and funny.

I'd like you to report one blog from Unicersity of Warwick which could not be a friend or classmate you have already known now. You just need to go to the page of warwickblog find a blog or a journal you are interested in and report:

1. What does it write about?
2. Why you find it interesting?
3. Did you leave any comment?
4. What would you say on the same topic?

guys, sorry that I didn't notice the task has not been set up and I know you are very busy at this moment. but get yourself some time to enjoy the blog and know more about your new shcoolmates!

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