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July 05, 2007

task 5 packing!

Before you take off, you have to pack all your stuff and decide what to bring with you. Investigate what you should take and learn something about airport:

1.What should be in your luggage: Food? (What you can bring and what you can not, check the permissions from customs ) What kind of electrical appliance you need take (laptop? Camera? Hair dryer? Rice-maker?) And is the plug the same with China? Clothes? Check the local weather and decide which clothes you need to take with you and which ones you can mail them later. Other stuff (Books? Towel?)

2.You need to be aware that the reasons of what you should bring: e.g. stuff you can not get in England or it has huge difference in price between China and England. Find tips from those who are already in England, probably in Warwick by blogs.

3.What you should not put in your luggage: find related regulations in airport website and make sure that you will not do anything against law whether at home or abroad.

4.Take a plane: Where and when should you check in for your flight ticket? What if you are asked to open your luggage cases? What things are not permitted to bring to a plane according to different airplane company? Any tips for long distance flight?

5.Shopping: What can you buy in an airport duty free? Could those commodities bring into a plane directly? Can you shop on a plane? If you go back how can you get drawback before leaving?

July 02, 2007

Blogging & task 4

It seems that those students stop blogging for a long time. The reasons are various: some of them are too busy with their exams, visa or flight ticket booking; some of them are too excited of the offers while some of them lost interest because they didn’t get the offer. Some of they need to enjoy the last summer in China and some of them, can’t express, just don’t like this learning approaching.

And I’ve made two significant mistakes: 1. I didn’t realize that the web speed will seriously influence their patience. 2. The blog is not the only way they can get in tough with me since we can easily talk online by msn or e-mail in CHINESE!!

What a fool I’ve been…......and so depressed about the data collecting.

*When you study in a new place, where, who and how you can get help with any academic problems will be very important. Try to explore some information before you go to Warwick:
1.Library: What you can do in library? How many books can you get and how long can you keep them? How to renew or request a book? What kind of resources you can find in library? Can you bring food and drinks in some place? Does Coventry has any library and how do get there?

2.Teachers: What can a personal tutor do and what kind of questions you can ask her/him? How can you get contact with a lecture by e-mail or phone? Do teachers have blogs and can you get any help from that?

3.Colleagues: Can you get in touch with any colleagues with the same major as you? And what advice can you get from them? (assignment? Module selection? Etc.) Do they have blogs and what can you learn from that?

4.Study opportunities out of class: Any conference? Any cooperated project with people from other university? Any speech in city center? How can you find the information about all those opportunities?

N.B. useful website
Warwick library:
Warwick blogs: *

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