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June 26, 2007

food, and music

It was still so disappointed that those kids didn’t update their blogs. Ok, some of them did, and I’m happy for that, but most of them did not =(

I tried to think why they are not interested, too busy? too excited? no mood? anyway, it is not compulsory. yeah, maybe I’ve got wrong idea for my dissertation.

made myself some dishes to pacify a little bit…......poor me!

June 20, 2007


Hey everybody, I don’t know how many of you still blog here, but I do see something update! that’s exciting! And I know you are all very busy with your new journey oversea. Just let me know if you need anyhelp!

here is task 3…........actually I’m not a big fan of task. So why don’t we just call it a discussion? It is about your accommodation. I believe most of you have applied for it already, and how many of you got the offer? And for those who’s attending the pre-sessional course, did you apply for the 5 weeks accommodation already? Since that’s your own responsiblity to manage your life for now on!

I’d like you to discuss about the accommodation in Wariwick When you study in a totally strange place, the first thing you need to find out may be the information about your accommodation. Investigate all this information ask for help on your blogs and keep a note during the procedure. When write the final report(at least 300 words), you should make certain:
1.Where will you live? (On or off campus? If you need to apply for your dormitory, how and when? What facilities will be offered, in kitchen? In bathroom? In bedroom? ) which accommodation do you prefer?
Why do you choose this one? price?facilities?location?
where did you investigate and apply for your residence? online? asking previous students?

2.The accommodation fee. (When and how should you pay it, any deposit? What kind of contract will you take? Do you need pay any tax if living off campus? What should you do if you want change your room or you have some special needs such as single sex or no smoking?)

3.Diet: What kind of food English people usually have? The difference between English and Chinese associated with cultures? What kind of food you can not or very difficult find in England?

4.Eating in Warwick: Where can you find nice food in or around Warwick? Where can you refill your fridge? Where can you buy Chinese food and seasoning?

5.Add any other findings when you are doing this investigation and share with your friends.

You can get some help by following website
Accommodation :
Eating in Warwick

Did you check out this page ?
It contains great vedio about the accommodation, check it and tell me what you think about it!!!

Let’s rock the summer~~~`
harry potter5! shrek3! transformers!!fantastic4 second!!!!

June 09, 2007

task2….....Saturday, How I Met Your Mother

It was a bit frustrated that most of them didn't do the task and many of them even didn't write anything on their blogs =(

I've checked all blogs , some surprise though, Mr. Zhu Guanqian has found something about game society and another student here gave very nice advice of " Assassin's Guild ". It reminds me of my college life. We were so crazy about this game when i was a freshman. And hundreds of people found a date through this game.......^^  wish  I could play it again.
Junila is a great blogger too.She has a review of a Japanese series and correlate it to feminism ^^ 
Anyway, expecting more and more people start the first task  this week , hopefully. I've still got 5K words to go and next Wed. I'm going to Swizz!!!! freak out  now!
how i met your mother
Is there anyone working on How I met your Mother? It's totally cool and so funny  typically American Funny!
Barney is leeeeeeeegendary!

I don't know why i've written the whole second task and it's gone!!! I didn't find that till today came back from Swizz land!

and now I'd like say little bit about the second task since i'm coming to lundon tomorrow. It's very easy and funny.

I'd like you to report one blog from Unicersity of Warwick which could not be a friend or classmate you have already known now. You just need to go to the page of warwickblog find a blog or a journal you are interested in and report:

1. What does it write about?
2. Why you find it interesting?
3. Did you leave any comment?
4. What would you say on the same topic?

guys, sorry that I didn't notice the task has not been set up and I know you are very busy at this moment. but get yourself some time to enjoy the blog and know more about your new shcoolmates!

June 07, 2007

Task 1

Bear & Beauty

Hi everybody, it's time for your first task. Don¡¯t worry, it¡¯s simple and concerning your interests. What you need to do is following the guide below and find out what you like and give us a little report. You don¡¯t have to write a formal essay but it would be great if you can answer those question not only readable but also creative. If you have any questions, just leave comments on my blog or discuss with your friends!




Societies in Warwick

People have different interests in their college life; you and your friends must have your own. Some of you like soccer, some of you love acting and I¡¯m sure many of you like music or computer games.

Here is a link of Student Union in Warwick and this is a list of societies in Warwick.

Try to find out at least two you are interested and answer following questions on your blogs.

1.     What do you like to do in your spare time? Have you gathered with a group people who have similar interests, and shared your feeling or ideas?

2.     Have you joined any society in Renmin University? What was it and what activities did you do in that society. Are you in charge of any department of that society? What do you like and dislike in your society and why?

3.     Pick up at least two societies you are interested in. Visit their website and try to find out: What they are doing? How much you need to pay for joining it? What privilege you can get by being a member? Find at least one picture you like and put up on your blogs.

4.     If there is nothing you need and you do have new ideas, just try to set up a new society here it could be about anything even a friend group from Renmin. Introduce your society and encourage your friends join in it!

5.     Is there any difference between societies in Chinese and English university? (The system, the size, the activity, the vote and the way of propaganda? etc)

6.     Check out what other people are doing with this task, leave any comments or questions to share your opinions.

June 03, 2007

Music – groove coverage ; BBR; Lady and Bird

I've written more than 500 words review!!!!! and it's gone  T_T  I  want to smash my laptop and feed it to the ducks outside!!!!

anyway, i'm not at the mood to find all the links and lyric again, which i've spent more than one hour! just list some songs i'm listening to recentlly, and if you got any questions just leave a message .

groove coverage (dancing music style)


Run away

God is a Girl

Keren Ann (Lady and bird) a inspirational band

Suicide is Painless

Stephanie Says

BBR (Black Box Recorder)

New Baby Boom

England Made Me

Seasons In The Sun

Girl Singing in the Wreckage.
(this is the one on my blog below)

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