May 24, 2007

five best moments

Hi ^^  guys from RenMin University, welcome to Warwick and thanks for your help. I promise we are going to have some fun here.

anyway, let warm up first.  why don't you write something about yourself and yeah~~~i know you know each other, but people here don't know you that much. So just give some words and show us what you have!

I'd like to be a model here:

Name: Ender
color of eyes:  Amber
music: R&B
favourite movie: Harry Potter
favourite book: Ender's Game
favourite Singer: David Tao
what i love: cooking, skateboard, fishing, hiking, b-ball,reading
facourite sitcome: FRIENDS!!!!!!!
what's i'm on now: How i met ur mother/ LOST/ my dissertation T_T

i've just remebered that, yestoday when i was watching LOST, i was soooooooo moved by the "five best moments in my life" written by Charlie who thought he's gonna die. And he asked Des to give this to the woman he loves, Claire, the last moment was "the night i met you"........that was soooooo sweet!

now, i'd like to share my five best moments, please write down urs! and we can laugh or cry for you!

1. sharing noodles with my dad and mom when i was about 10
2.a spring outing to a waterfall 2002
3.sitting with my best friend LR listening music right b4 the exam 2002

4.sichuan, a travel  with fish 2005.
5. the nite i met F. 2006.6.21 ^^

here we are! let's  rock!

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  1. 你好~今天刚刚拿到博客地址想写点东西上去却还不知道要在哪里编辑~以后要拜托JJ多多指教了哈~~

    31 May 2007, 04:15

  2. 又来了谢谢JJ的回复新博客大家已经陆续开始写了~JJ的页面上有的显示是乱码的有点看不明白

    01 Jun 2007, 10:00

  3. 我来啦~今天醒来就去完成我的任务了哟..看来写英文博客还不是那么顺手

    02 Jun 2007, 09:20

  4. 我来了 哈哈
    Tilly said that she heard that I would go to Australia```but I can use this blog ````
    I have wriiten one . Hope to have a good time with you``` thank you for your help``

    02 Jun 2007, 15:55

  5. Hi, I have read it, and it is such a special birthday present for me since today is my birthday, thank you. I see that there is a lyric of my favourite song--“mermaid song” on the picture below, but I prefer the next one: We could sit forever, As loving waves spill over. Whatever, Look forward to seeing you soon~~

    02 Jun 2007, 16:07

  6. HI!!!~~~
    I am AMY and i am coming!
    ~I have read it. Thank you so much! Also i knew you have been in SICHUAN which is my hometown. Yes, you had a good time there! ? I think it is a fantastic and must-see place for everybody. I am not good at writing in English and this is my first time to use it! Wish you give me more advice! Welcome to sichuan again if you are interested in~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    02 Jun 2007, 16:19

  7. Hiyour blog is good. I have already read it. Welcomd to visit my blog !!Aha,passing by~~

    03 Jun 2007, 11:54

  8. Wang Jichen

    I’m Jason. I am the first boy who come here. Remeber me~

    04 Jun 2007, 11:15

  9. Hi
    I’m coming, I have read it. I get my blog address today, and I even don’t know how to write somthing in my blog, so please give me some advice. Thank you!

    04 Jun 2007, 14:16

  10. Zhou Yinghao

    Hi, I am JoJo. I have read your blog, and it’s great.
    ur See you there!

    05 Jun 2007, 02:07

  11. My blog has opened, and welcome!

    06 Jun 2007, 06:07

  12. hii’m coming,i like ur blog’s style~ and i hope i’ll meet u soon~ lol ~welcome to my blog~ and please give me some advice~@

    06 Jun 2007, 06:36

  13. Hello! You can call me Bessie. I have read it. This is my first blog, so I do not know how to use it. I hope you can give me some advises. Thank you!

    06 Jun 2007, 06:55

  14. hi~ i’m coming again~ lol ~ can u tell me how can i expurgate the comment which is between my two diaries

    06 Jun 2007, 07:05

  15. hi
    I’m cindy …I have read ur blog and I found it’s including lots of things…this is my first time to use a English blog…would you give me some advice? welcome to my blog…see u soon!!!
    by the way…I like groove coverage..=^^=

    06 Jun 2007, 09:30

  16. anon

    Welcome to the blogs, I’m afraid I don’t know much about them as far as using them is concerned as I don’t have one of my own but if you want to expurgate something you can always try Ctrl Alt Delete.
    The red-plush curtain fell on a reprise of “Love will find a way.”
    The bird of paradise deserves an eagle.
    But has chosen a peacock.
    For what?
    For flashy appearance?
    For multicoloured plumage?
    For rank?
    For false companions?
    Can she not see through the exterior?
    Can she not see the real eagles?
    The eagles who don’t appear so gorgeous or good
    For what she surely does not know is some eagles come in a sparrow’s body.

    Johnnie Douglas-Pennant

    06 Jun 2007, 11:36

  17. ok, shiva is coming! welcome myself!
    good blog, and come on!
    all the chinese belong to one big family, when we are out of home!
    best wishes to you

    06 Jun 2007, 17:58

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