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April 28, 2009

critical thinking about knowledge managment

Follow-up to About K from Wei's blog

After finishing the module and PMA, I have learned a lot about knowledge management, about its fundamentals, concepts and principles. Everything can be connected with knowledge, so does our life itself. I am thinking how we can apply knowledge management into our daily life.

Life is tough that full of challenges and difficult decision makings. We are constantly making choice in different periods of life sometimes without adequate knowledge and experience. The principles of KM can bring wisdom to guide us and greatly help us understand and utilize available information in the decision making process no matter in study, society or workplace. It can not only help us establish good relationship with classmates, friends, families etc, knowledge management is a way to lead self-improvement, making us more knowledgeable and powerful. Consequently, we can be more confident in facing future problems.

Many people say that knowledge management is a kind of technology which is supported by computer system. But for me, it‘s not the whole story. Although varies of computer system or statistical tools can be used in implementation of KM, the main focus in KM is about sharing information. We learned many useful lessons or experience from books, parents, friends or internet which can help us solve daily problems and avoid repeating mistakes, all of which are performance of sharing knowledge. Of course, the computer facility is another effective way for us to gain knowledge besides the format of meetings, lectures, and face to face discussions etc in the technological world nowadays.

April 27, 2009

About K

Follow-up to Last group team from Wei's blog

During the process of PMA, varies of resources about KM opened a window to me about how knowledge management works in organizations. KM is not just about managing a company's knowledge assets such as human resources, brain power of employees, knowledge bases etc, it also about managing the whole process the faciliate the assets.  As a result, indentificaton and analysis of all the avalibel knowledge assets  and related activities to develop the assets and the processes are neccessary.

Actually KM can be applied to any organization or project and it' a never end topic through our life. Never what we are doing or what we are going to do, KM priciples all makes sense or could help. It is just like the simple learn process, the more u learn, the more get.  We will use all our life to have practice.

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