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October 14, 2008

Summary for group work& welcome buffet

Follow-up to A new start from Wei's blog

Group exercise:

Comparatively,the group work today is much easier than yesterday with straigtforward and logical instructions by which conclusion are shortly summaried below for Team C:

1):The exports to the US will be reduced undoubtly which may result in excess in production in domestic market, thus the consequence would be price decline in local market.

2):The Janpanese producers can still compete with other suppliers to the US market, besides the countries like Canada,Mexico and Brazil which tariff are not as high as Janpan etc,due to the high capacity and market shares before. EU and other countries with similar tariff might have intensive competition in this case.

3):In short,if the exports from Japan decrease significantly, the total output of Japanese steel is certainly be reduced.Japanese steel manufacturers must look for alternative ways to compensate the losses.

4):The Japanese producers will be significantly effected by the loss in the US market but won't suffer if actively consider focusing on other markets.

Welcome buffet:

buffet+Juice+meet people+write down the name of 40 countries through their national flags+chat with tutors or representives

=1.5 hours

See what I ate:)


October 13, 2008

A new start

Follow-up to Forums from Wei's blog

Today ,the new module start,combing the lectures and teamwork.The contents of lectures are intensive while the teamwork in the afternoon are interesting and practical. The case study can greatly activate what we learned and encourage brainstorming. I am really proud of the result of our group C for question three that is to reduce the tariff from 120% to 80% for US or European countries in car industry while cut 8% tariff on importing cashmere garments. It is the win-win situdation which is  beneficial for both sides. Finally and luckily, Team D quite agree with our suggestion. That's the objective of group work. By the way, I was really impressed by the two smart African guy who devoted themselves and contributed a lot to the final answers.

The only thing I need to consider again and again is the time management  since we have rather tight timetable this and next week ,almost from 9:00 to 6:30 everyday, with various of other tasks going on simultanuously. How we manage the time,making the balance between life and study, how to increase the efficiency and make full use of all the facilities and what's the specific plan for our single project and post module work are all worth thinking.


Follow-up to A SUNNY DAY from Wei's blog

It is my first time to use forums as a tool  in the study, while I surprisely found it's a easy and convenient way to share our opinions and improve our knowledge by interaction.I spend hours today to look through what we have done so far for six mini projects, I really appreciate the passion and effort from every lovely member in my team.

Tomorrow, a  next new module, a new start,expecting...

October 11, 2008


Follow-up to 01.10.2008 from Wei's blog

Now,it's the really time to start the blog since actually everybody here learned something in the past few days, no matter from classmates,teammates,Paul or any other resource.For me, life become more challenging and colorful.I believe that whether how old we are, there should be in every human being's heart the lure of wander,like appetite of what's next and the joy of the game of living.That's the truth of life.

I really enjoyed the time spent with my teammates ,althrough we come from the different areas with different cultures and backgrounds ,we understood each other and may have the same target that is to work all our life to fulfill our dreams.

Best wishes for all my teammates and classmates, hopefully we will enjoy the beautiful life togeother in this year.

October 01, 2008


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