April 28, 2009

critical thinking about knowledge managment

Follow-up to About K from Wei's blog

After finishing the module and PMA, I have learned a lot about knowledge management, about its fundamentals, concepts and principles. Everything can be connected with knowledge, so does our life itself. I am thinking how we can apply knowledge management into our daily life.

Life is tough that full of challenges and difficult decision makings. We are constantly making choice in different periods of life sometimes without adequate knowledge and experience. The principles of KM can bring wisdom to guide us and greatly help us understand and utilize available information in the decision making process no matter in study, society or workplace. It can not only help us establish good relationship with classmates, friends, families etc, knowledge management is a way to lead self-improvement, making us more knowledgeable and powerful. Consequently, we can be more confident in facing future problems.

Many people say that knowledge management is a kind of technology which is supported by computer system. But for me, it‘s not the whole story. Although varies of computer system or statistical tools can be used in implementation of KM, the main focus in KM is about sharing information. We learned many useful lessons or experience from books, parents, friends or internet which can help us solve daily problems and avoid repeating mistakes, all of which are performance of sharing knowledge. Of course, the computer facility is another effective way for us to gain knowledge besides the format of meetings, lectures, and face to face discussions etc in the technological world nowadays.

April 27, 2009

About K

Follow-up to Last group team from Wei's blog

During the process of PMA, varies of resources about KM opened a window to me about how knowledge management works in organizations. KM is not just about managing a company's knowledge assets such as human resources, brain power of employees, knowledge bases etc, it also about managing the whole process the faciliate the assets.  As a result, indentificaton and analysis of all the avalibel knowledge assets  and related activities to develop the assets and the processes are neccessary.

Actually KM can be applied to any organization or project and it' a never end topic through our life. Never what we are doing or what we are going to do, KM priciples all makes sense or could help. It is just like the simple learn process, the more u learn, the more get.  We will use all our life to have practice.

March 12, 2009

Last group team

Follow-up to About debate from Wei's blog

Today, I felt so happy that our mini-project is beautifully done while so sad that our last project work is nearly finished. Feeling complicated....Time flies so fast that we have done several presentations and projects casually and I just even noticed that we only have one module left.

About today's  group work, our KM and AM team had completely diffierent appraoches that latter did in a more  tranditional and safe way which introduced the related theory first and some practics followed while the former is more innovative in some extent with presenting how we gonna put KM in practice from a top management level. It is hard to say , actually cannot tell, which appraoch is better since they all made sense. I think no matter the way we gonna present, the most important thing is that we all learned something from each other  and tried  to be critical.

Knowledge management in a way is about everything. Any  thought , action, or operation is associated with knowledge. Actually I think the most important thing in KM is about human beings, manage ourselves. Once we can control ourselves, we have the capability to manage the knowledge we learned or want to learn. So the first step to begin KM is improve ourselves.

Actually, the things we have learned is much more than what we gonna present, no matter the result, we really enjoyed the process!

About debate

Follow-up to Something about leadership from Wei's blog

It was a so fatanstic experience to have a debate like this in the module. Not only it is the first time I took part in debate here, but learned a lot from it. Everybody speak out  their ideas, listened carefully to theirs and discussed critically. Possibly we never paid so much attention to what others said and tried best to reflect within such a short time.It is a new try!

Although the time maybe not sufficient to explore the knowledge in more detail and not everybody participated in presenting, it seemed that everybody enjoyed it. Hopefully we could have another chance to have a another debate like this with much more preparation and time.

December 02, 2008

Something about leadership

Follow-up to Studying LE&CBE from Wei's blog

Today two seminars have been operated, one is the sources of leaders' influence and the other is study one of the reputated leaders in the world, Obama, Jack Welch, George W. Bush, Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs. Here brifely and simply, I will give some personal opinions about influence tactics which learned from the famous person and real life.

  • One of the effective way is to leader by example
  • Being a team player
  • Using personal magnetism or Charisma
  • Consider legitimate requests as the last choice
  • Make an inspirational appeal of emotional play
  • Using rational and logic persuation
  • Consulting
  • Keep smiling
  • Forming coalitions

Among these, rational persuation and inspirational appeal of emotional play could be considered the top two effective and useful ways to influence people while consulting, authority and giving pressures are always not worked out.

November 28, 2008

Studying LE&CBE

Follow-up to Summary for group work& welcome buffet from Wei's blog

For me, I think leadership is a general and complex concept which is hard a give a specific definition. If you Ask a group of people what the defining characteristic of a good leader, definitely there will be a lot of different answers. According to my knowledge and common sense, as a good leader, she or he should always:

  • Be a good listener
  • Inspire others
  • Have good followers
  • Respect people
  • Communicate easily and quite clear
  • Be considerate to others
  • Solicit competing views, take time to think and then make a firm decision
  • Set the direction, then step back to support and enable the people who have to go there, letting them determine how to accomplish the vision
  • Incorporate anthropology; i.e., engage understanding, context and motivations of constituents

Well, in real life, it's always much harder to put what we know into practice. Only the experience and engagement could generate a good leader rathan than the book knowledge and common sense. I am rather pleased that during this module we have several group works and presentations to really practice the leadership skills.Hopefully at the end of module,everyone learned sth, at least i will:)

By the way, it's  very lucky that our group have Frabsico who gave us lots of extra enlightment and valuable information for future improvement.

Besides the group work for LE, i will focous on the PMA for CBE this weekend. Actually I feel a little bit shame for very little blog entries so far. Anyway I will try my best to improve and everything will become better.

October 14, 2008

Summary for group work& welcome buffet

Follow-up to A new start from Wei's blog

Group exercise:

Comparatively,the group work today is much easier than yesterday with straigtforward and logical instructions by which conclusion are shortly summaried below for Team C:

1):The exports to the US will be reduced undoubtly which may result in excess in production in domestic market, thus the consequence would be price decline in local market.

2):The Janpanese producers can still compete with other suppliers to the US market, besides the countries like Canada,Mexico and Brazil which tariff are not as high as Janpan etc,due to the high capacity and market shares before. EU and other countries with similar tariff might have intensive competition in this case.

3):In short,if the exports from Japan decrease significantly, the total output of Japanese steel is certainly be reduced.Japanese steel manufacturers must look for alternative ways to compensate the losses.

4):The Japanese producers will be significantly effected by the loss in the US market but won't suffer if actively consider focusing on other markets.

Welcome buffet:

buffet+Juice+meet people+write down the name of 40 countries through their national flags+chat with tutors or representives

=1.5 hours

See what I ate:)


October 13, 2008

A new start

Follow-up to Forums from Wei's blog

Today ,the new module start,combing the lectures and teamwork.The contents of lectures are intensive while the teamwork in the afternoon are interesting and practical. The case study can greatly activate what we learned and encourage brainstorming. I am really proud of the result of our group C for question three that is to reduce the tariff from 120% to 80% for US or European countries in car industry while cut 8% tariff on importing cashmere garments. It is the win-win situdation which is  beneficial for both sides. Finally and luckily, Team D quite agree with our suggestion. That's the objective of group work. By the way, I was really impressed by the two smart African guy who devoted themselves and contributed a lot to the final answers.

The only thing I need to consider again and again is the time management  since we have rather tight timetable this and next week ,almost from 9:00 to 6:30 everyday, with various of other tasks going on simultanuously. How we manage the time,making the balance between life and study, how to increase the efficiency and make full use of all the facilities and what's the specific plan for our single project and post module work are all worth thinking.


Follow-up to A SUNNY DAY from Wei's blog

It is my first time to use forums as a tool  in the study, while I surprisely found it's a easy and convenient way to share our opinions and improve our knowledge by interaction.I spend hours today to look through what we have done so far for six mini projects, I really appreciate the passion and effort from every lovely member in my team.

Tomorrow, a  next new module, a new start,expecting...

October 11, 2008


Follow-up to 01.10.2008 from Wei's blog

Now,it's the really time to start the blog since actually everybody here learned something in the past few days, no matter from classmates,teammates,Paul or any other resource.For me, life become more challenging and colorful.I believe that whether how old we are, there should be in every human being's heart the lure of wander,like appetite of what's next and the joy of the game of living.That's the truth of life.

I really enjoyed the time spent with my teammates ,althrough we come from the different areas with different cultures and backgrounds ,we understood each other and may have the same target that is to work all our life to fulfill our dreams.

Best wishes for all my teammates and classmates, hopefully we will enjoy the beautiful life togeother in this year.

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