August 16, 2005

THAT guy

It has recently occurred to me that almost all women of my acquaitence (and certainly all the ones I've pulled) have had a previous boyfriend who's messed them around, given them trust issues, and ultimately who they're not yet over.

This causes ridiculous short farces of relationships, lack of sex as the want to take it slow and then the short bit kicks in, and ultimately emotional hardship for me. I'm sure it's the same for many of you guys out there.

While before I prescribed to the "all men are bastards" view, so previous boyfriends would almost certainly have fucked most girls over, I am now revising my opinion:

There is one guy out there going round and messing up all the women!

You know the one, the guy girls cry over "oh he treated me so badly, oh I can't trust men any more, but he was so sweet sometimes and I'm not over him, I'm so sorry." The guy who sleeps with them and is either so bad or so good that they can't then sleep with other people.

Well I say, ENOUGH! We must track this man down and string him up!

Who's with me?

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  1. Me

    Can't really empathise with that. It must be you. Maybe it's got something to do with your previous entry?

    16 Aug 2005, 16:47

  2. i love the way that anyone who's ever been dumped suddenly can't have an opinion on relationships without others thinking they're bitter (or alternatively, lying when they say they're ok).

    n e way, i know what you mean.

    16 Aug 2005, 17:00

  3. Oh shi…

    16 Aug 2005, 17:20

  4. Lol

    21 Aug 2005, 15:39

  5. Song for you: Frog Princess by The Divine Comedy.

    22 Aug 2005, 22:00

  6. Actually, screw that, just listen to the entire Cassanova Album.

    22 Aug 2005, 22:10

  7. Timo

    Personally, I blame the girls :)

    Why let blokes shit all over you? He starts treating you bad, give him the fucking boot. Dont be a doormat and take it, tear his balls off. Guys will keep treating girls like shite as long as girls let themselves be treated that way.

    31 Aug 2005, 08:30

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