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March 19, 2010

Online piracy threatens jobs in the creative sector

The Guardian reports a projection that up to a quarter of a million jobs could be lost in the UK creative sector if online piracy continues at its current rate. The article draws on reports by the International Chamber of Commerceand Skillset

January 25, 2010

Warning of "cultural desert" as music sales fall

“New licensing deals help push digital music sales to 27% of global revenues - but piracy is damaging investment in artists”

  • Global digital music trade revenues reach US$4.2 billion, up 12% in 2009
  • 400 services licensed worldwide by music companies with ISPs, mobile and other partners
  • New figures show local music collapsing in major markets as piracy bites into releases, sales and investment in France, Spain and Brazil
  • IFPI Digital Music Report highlights urgent need for legislation to curb digital piracy on ISP networks

More than a quarter of all recorded music industry revenues worldwide are now coming from digital channels, as music companies license music in partnership with ISPs and mobile operators, subscription services, streaming sites and hundreds of download stores.

However, despite the continuing growth of the digital music business - with trade revenues up 12% to an estimated US$4.2 billion in 2009 - illegal file-sharing and other forms of online piracy are eroding investment and sales of local music in major markets.

In particular, three countries known for the historic vibrancy and influence of their music and musicians - Spain, France, Brazil - are suffering acutely, with local artist album sales or the number of releases plummeting.

Governments are gradually moving towards legislation requiring ISPs to curb digital piracy. But progress needs to be much quicker. In 2009, France, South Korea and Taiwan adopted new laws to address the crisis. Other governments, including the UK and New Zealand, have proposed new laws for adoption in 2010.

These are key highlights of the IFPI Digital Music Report, published today. The Report provides an overview of the music industry's changing business models, outlines the impact of digital piracy internationally, and reviews the efforts of governments to address it.

Further detail here:

and full report here:

November 10, 2009

How to make money in the music business today

Interesting piece in this week's Sunday Times about how it's perfectly possible to make money in the music business even when you only have a relatively small number of fans. The article features the (to me at least) unknown singer / songwriters Kate Walsh and Tina Dico. The key apparently is financial independence: if you're in a deal with a major record company, selling 100,000 copies will bring you less money in royalties than you could get on your own label with a tenth of the sales.

March 05, 2009

Making the ISP become the gateway to legitimate music downloads

The Isle of Man is going to try an audacious plan that would charge its citizens a small, flat fee for each connection in return for granting them legitimate access to music files, wherever they may be found. The plan would also see ISPs become the gateway to value-added music services. See this article on Ars Technica.

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