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December 18, 2009


For the PIUSS PMA, I have decided to do question 6 a long time ago.  This is because I did not spend much time on organizational learning during CBE but I am really interested in this topic.

As I read more about the topic, I was getting confused what the question is actually asking for.   That's good to ask the tutor when you have questions.  Thanks Graeme.  That's good to discuss with your colleagues, too!! Thanks george, nan and hamed.

I am now creating a mindmap for my PMA.  I did this for my CBE PMA, too.   But after the lecture yesterday about mindmap, I think I can make a much better use of this skills and the software=)


We have just finished the REME module.  This is a very useful module and I think this should be be held in Dec.

Though my project has not confirmed yet, I kept thinking of my topic during this week.  This module helps me to evaluate on my research objective.  I've just handed in my project proposal.  But after this week, I really want to modify a bit.  I think I'll rewrite it again within these two days.  REME allows me to be clearer about a feasible and good research objective.  I know more about the research methodology and what the aim of each methods.

There is a lot to learn this year.  Besides becoming an expert of the research topic in order to complete our project, we have to be very familiar with the research techniques.  In fact, we have to know all the methods before we can choose a suitable one for the research.  This is really difficult and requires lots of efforts.  Though I am prepared to work hard this year, I am a little bit worried about my ability to learn so many things.  I hope everything's fine this year.

December 06, 2009


Today is the last day for our PMA assignment period.  During the last 6 weeks, besides working on the PMA, i attended another 2 modules and wrote ideas about my dissertation.  But this blog is going to be about the PMA.

This is my first PMA and also my first 5000-word paper in my life.  It is challenging and it takes me much time to do research on the topic.  Actually, I think I have spent too much time.  But, as this is my first time to write this kind of academic paper, I hope I can learn from this experience and manage my time better next time.

I love my topic which is about supplier relationship.  I really wanna learn more about it that's why I choose this question.  Doing this question is a bit like doing our mini-projects.  Why I say so is because we didn't talk much about this issue in the module week.  I have to learn more about this all by myself.  I found that's not as difficult as before.  Maybe the reason is because I get used to it already? I'm not quite sure.  But I believe it is an improvement.

Moreover, after finished writing this paper, I think I understand more about the EFQM.  Before this, my concept about the EFQM is about achieving overall business excellence.  But now, I know that the EFQM model can be more specific to deal with business problems like the supplier relationship.

To conclude, I feel really good to have this chance to write about partnership and I enjoy the learning process, though it took me too much time.  I really hope that what I will have chances in the future to put what I have learnt in this module into practice.

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