May 29, 2010

KM VS. education

University education is about generating useful knowledge by exploring and sharing with the hope that these knowledge can contribute positively in the future.  From this, we can see that education is actually closely related to KM if we consider university as a company.

Why I talk about education here is because I wanna mention about my PMA.  When deciding the aspect of AM to focus on in the KBAM PMA, I have been struggling between health and safety and environmental management for a long period of time.  Environmental management is a topic that I am very familiar with because it is related to my project and I am an environmentalist myself.  Thus, I am sure if I go for this aspect, my workload would be much less than now.  Yes!  at the end, i have chosen health and safety because of my curiosity and I would like to explore more new knowledge.  some of my friends disagree with what i did because time is very precious for most of the WMG students now, especially I am now facing some difficulties with my project and got stuck at some points><  however, i can't stop myself from being curious about new knowledge.  I am not sure whether i am doing the right thing now, but at least i don't feel regret at this moment as I have really learnt something new from my PMA.

one thing i can learn about myself from this incident is that i need to control my curiosity about new knowledge.  in the future when i have my own job, i should balance between using resources for new knowledge and solving problems with sufficient existing knowledge.  Knowledge generation is only first part of KM and it is important to put similar efforts in other aspects in order to have good practices.

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  1. I would say it was the right thing to do.. I faced similar choices because from background I am a manufacturing engineer that is why I choose environment management to gain some new knowledge. Dont worry about the people they will always have something to say. Take advice from everyone but just do what you think is right.

    I must say that there is no easy way or shortcut towards success. Furthermore if you keep making the right choices and keep grasping on to the new knowledge, before you know it you would be able to differentiate yourself from other(something that will help you in selling yourself).. Just a quick reminder of the quote from Bennis
    Managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right thing…

    Since you did the right thing its good to see that you have not forgotten lessons from!!!

    30 May 2010, 01:00

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