January 23, 2005


November 21, 2004


because i removed the caterpillar from my desktop:

a caterpillar, no large hookah but a mushroom of course

November 18, 2004

return to the house of dooooom

so we went back to the house and never made it upstairs.
there weren't any.
instead there was a ladder reaching up to the roof with a huge hole.
we decided it must have been burnt.
it was delapidated and there were old remnants of a woman's life…a few old shoes, some clothes, old medicine bottles.
we searched round the house with tea-lights and cameras
and left with nothing but a name and a house sign:

Spinney's End 170

(for the comprehensive story go to the yellow donkey blog)

November 16, 2004

the mushroom and the house of doom

By Pete Cant, Ellen Watkins and Greg Frame

tomorrow we are going to venture back to the house. this time we are going to make it through the door and up the stairs into the bedroom with the broken window

it all started when

we realised that sundays are desperately boring and we needed to find our way off the campus. pete wanted to get to the hills we can see (blurrily) from our kitchen window and we went for a walk.
first we passed a bus stop in the middle of nowhere, found some holly in a forest and walked through a deserted middle class suburbia.
to reach the fields we decided not to jump the gate but to go through the hedge further along instead thus finding a giant mushroom which we heaved fom the ground and adopted. we had our super power mushroom and were fearless.
As the sun was setting we pondered our wonderful find, unaware of our encounter to come.
after climbing over another fence, the haunted house leaned out of the horizon, an old crumbling cottage set back from the road with barbed wire around its front garden and a big sign saying:


so obviously we climbed over the fence, not realising that (very creepy) the gate was open!!!! the grass was overgrown and inside the terrible house it was dark except for the sky light in a bedroom upstairs.

We approached the house. Greg became confused as to where the gate was and spent about ten minutes trying to climb through a thicket. Pete and Ellen were pondering over whether to enter or not when Greg strolled up. Pete decided to open the door, and, having done so, Greg did a runner. Pete reacted to this sudden burst of energy by first attempting to close the door, then, noticing Ellen's ghostly reflection in the window, decided to leg it too until we were all well clear from the garden and the gate. Greg and Pete ran straight through the overgrown grass, and Ellen tried in vain to avoid slipping in the mud. Greg pulled a muscle in his chest as a result of the violent reaction to the opening of the door, believing that there WAS someone standing in the window.

The secrets of the house remain undisclosed.
We have not learnt our lesson.
Tomorrow, we will return.

Pray for our souls.

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