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February 21, 2013

Respect for the Lifestyle Equipment

Dear all

We hope you are all enjoying training in the new Lifestyle gym using the new equipment and hopefully getting some great new ideas for your training programme.

It saddens me to see that we are barely weeks old and we already have damage to equipment. Having seen it myself - you guys can see in the images below, it is clear that it is not because of proper use of the equipment.



I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this equipment is state of the art, we have invested in this because we feel our community deserve to have this experience. However, as users and members we expect you all to RESPECT the equipment, each other and the team. If anyone is found misusing, damaging equipment or not respecting the environment or the team then you will be subject to a reporting and investigation process.

I would ask that you are all diligent in the way you use the space so that all if the community get a great experience. Can you please ensure the following:

1. If you notice that something has been damaged please report it to a member if the Lifestyle team;
2. You all make sure that you leave the areas you have worked in as you found them when you arrived, including wiping down all equipment after use.

Thank you for your cooperation on this and hope that you all continue to enjoy the new environment.


February 10, 2013

What a nice bush!

The bushes are in!

The Bush

As is all the equipment!

If you are already a member of the gym, please see induction link here:

The Lifetyle Team are getting everyone inducted as fast as they can. For any queries please email

We can't wait to welcome you all into the brand new facility.


February 06, 2013

Countdown to the opening begins – 5 more days!

5 more days! 5 more days of donning my high vis jacket and bright yellow helmet to walk around the gym and see all the wonderful progress the team are making upstairs in the new Lifestyle Gym.

I can't wait to replace these safety clothes with a gym kit and get in there! If you haven't seen some photos online, here's some of the progress so far:

Here is our training cube and kinesis machine placed behind it - on this you can workout every muscle in the body - who will shotgun this first?!

Functional Training Cube

Here are a few of the cardio machines, and part of our water feature installation. On our cardio machines you can watch televsion, record your fitness progress, do British military fitness exercises or stick your USB in and revise! You'll love it!

Cardio Machines

The S&C floor - 5 benches, 3 1/2 squat racks and 3 bench press, plus a reinforced floor in the room for safe lifting.

S & C Floor

HELLO new gym.

Keep you updated - Health Commitment forms and induction news will be out over the next two days and all members will receive an email. facebook & twitter

James Ellis.


#Varsity #TeamWarwick

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