December 02, 2013

Teaching in Academia

The Teaching in Academia gadget contains resources for postgraduate researchers who will teach during their time at Warwick. The ‘Overview’ tab (pictured below) introduces you to the provision available, as well as linking you to advice on finding teaching positions. The ‘Training’ tab is a one-stop resource for mandatory and academically recognised teacher training for PGR tutors. ‘Talking Teaching’ details potential networking events, ‘Awards’ gives details of the WATEPGR prizes and ‘News and Events’ links to a regularly updated blog listing other potential opportunities.


If you are a PGR that teaches, this gadget is a great resource for enhancing skills, extra training and meeting other tutors and academics. And each one of these makes a great entry for your Warwick Portfolio!

October 03, 2013

Gadget Spotlight – Effective Researcher Gadget

This gadget introduces and provides an upcoming schedule for the Effective Researcher workshop. This workshop was designed especially for new postgraduate researchers at the University of Warwick and is highly recommended. Dates are available throughout the autumn, spring and summer terms and is the perfect way to kick off your Warwick Portfolio, and your new academic year.


The ‘Overview’ tab (pictured above) gives you a sense of what the programme entails, while the ‘Schedule’ tab allows you to quickly and easily book a space on the most convenient available date. By clicking on the title of the gadget, you can also be taken directly to the webpage for the workshops (hosted by the RSSP) to get even more detailed information about the workshops themselves.

October 01, 2013



Campus has begun filling up again, with undergraduates, postgraduates, new researchers and staff. And with this influx of people comes an influx of opportunities. The beginning of the academic year is a busy time, with full calendars of events and workshops around the university designed to help your development as a researcher and which allow you to meet new people from all over Warwick.

Take some time to research available opportunities in your Faculty, the Research Student Skills Programme or Teaching in Academia to find out about potential skills training designed for postgraduate researchers. (See complete list of gadgets for your Portfolio here). Get in early, book your space and make sure you’re ahead of the game this coming academic year.

April 11, 2013

Reflection for learning

By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.
Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC) Chinese Philosopher
The benefits of reflective thinking and writing have long been recognised and reflection as a tool for learning is increasingly used in many areas of education. Reflection enables you to consolidate knowledge, to formulate generalisations and strategies for to apply learning in new contexts, and to identify strengths and weaknesses. The Warwick Portfolio Evidence gadget is structured so as to enable you to reflect, alongside recording evidence of your skills development.
In order to provide some guidance and encouragement to engage in reflective thinking about your skills development, we have now added some structuring questions to the 'create and entry' box in the Evidence gadget.
These questions are intended as prompts and suggestions - you can of course delete them if you wish!

December 06, 2012

Thursday Tip: Warwick Portfolio To–do List

Today's tip will show you how to add a to-do list to your Warwick Portfolio. A tasks list can be very helpful to note down things to follow-up or keep accountable to follow-up an action.

todo_list_rename.pngIn this example, I'm setting deadlines to motivate me to rate my skills under each of the subdomains of "Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities" on PRD taking off one section a week (of course leaving myself more time over the Christmas break!).

1. Firstly, you need to add a To-do list to your Warwick Portfolio tab on Start.Warwick.

Add to Start.Warwick

This to do gadget saves your todo items in your Exchange email account as to-do items - and so will automatically appear and synchronise in Outlook. If you already use Outlook for to-do items, you may see existing todo items.

2. Move your gadget on your Portfolio to a good spot. I'm keeping mine directly under the 'The Warwick Portfolio' overview gadget. I will also customise the name of the gadget to fit my use of it here as: "My Warwick Portfolio To-do List"

3. Add the tasks. I've used a convention of putting the area of tasks first "PRD:" and followed by the action to be taken. Then added a deadline to set a target.

November 30, 2012

Friday Fix: Setting up a Blog

do not show this message checkbox

If you hastily clicked 'Do not show this message again' on the 'My Warwick Portfolio' gadget, then you may wonder how you can set-up your Warwick Portfolio to work with your blog in retrospect.

This gadget checks every time it loads to see whether you have a blog. So if you create a blog, your Warwick Portfolio will detect this, and automatically use it. It takes very little time to set-up your blog. Just follow the simple straight-forward process:

November 05, 2012

English Language Resources Gadget

New Gadget Launched Today

An overview of the English Language provision for Postgraduate Researchers from the Centre for Applied Linguistics:

English Language for Postgraduate Researchers

Add to Start

October 31, 2012

Thursday Tip: Re–categorise an Entry

If you need to re-categorise a post for any reason, here is a quick video how-to:

Link to Video

October 18, 2012

Hello to all new and returning PGRs!

Hello to all new and returning PGRs! I hope you have begun exploring all the great features of the Warwick Portfolio. Learn more about the functions of the various Portfolio gadgets by clicking here.

If you need any help getting started or have any comments to share about the Warwick Portfolio, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or book a one-to-one appointment with one of our Warwick Portfolio Advocates by clicking here.

Warwick Portfolio Officer

September 24, 2012

Update: My Warwick Portfolio Gadget v1.1

Follow-up to My Warwick Portfolio Gadget from Warwick Portfolio

In this minor update, a user requested feature has been implemented:

  • Spell checking (English) has been added to the editor on the new entry page.

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