May 28, 2010

The Inner Truth of Tomatoes

tomatoesProfessor David Morley presents the fifth Poetry Challenge "in which we explore the wonderful word-world of poetry." This episode is about finding subjects for your poems. "It is what your poem is, not what your poem says, that makes it work. That also goes for subject matter. There is no subject off limits."

Prof Morley challenges you to "break out of the usual poetic subjects and make something new from something that is defiantly and wonderfully unpoetic".

Don't be shy about sharing your responses to this poetry challenge here on the blog where others will be able to appreciate them.

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  1. M. Toolan

    Polly poured on troubled waters

    Polly Ackrill might, they said,
    work wonders on oily Olly Wastewater.
    It’s in her character:
    hydrophobic, associating.

    So what happened?
    Adsorption bridging significantly strengthened
    while the water-hating gang clustered.
    Full flocculation powered the performance!
    But nothing overheated, which was cool.

    Dosage influenced de-oiling obviously.

    But oil removal could reach 93.4% at 50 mg/L.
    Polly (Pam to her friends) grooved too with
    Sol Ubelstarch, a natural macromolecule:
    clingy—but in a good way, when things get industrial.

    Polly had a synergy with Al, also.
    She worked well in small doses:
    “favorable deoiling performance”

    The velocity of the flocs went up,
    the sludge trudge went down,
    when they all got along.
    Especially when Al went first.

    Freely adapted from:
    Synthesis and characterization of hydrophobically associating cationic polyacrylamide, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2010, Pages 27-33, by
    Zhong Lian Yang, Bao Yu Gao, Chun Xiao Li, Qin Yan Yue, Bin Liu.

    10 Jun 2010, 09:45

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