June 11, 2010

Playing Tennis with the Nets Down

tennisballProfessor David Morley presents the seventh Poetry Challenge "in which we play with language and make it into toys and little machines called poems". This episode is about finding ways to create free verse without ignoring the fact that free verse is also a form of poetry.

Prof Morley challenges you to write two poems in free verse using repeated phrases to pattern your poem: "I wish that..." and "I curse you with...".

Don't be shy about sharing your responses to this poetry challenge here on the blog where others will be able to appreciate them.

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  1. Robert O'Toole

    My first ever poem, and it’s full of rage!

    I curse you with desperation,
    My headphones
    Into the filing cabinet draw you went,
    the one marked “audio” equipment.

    I curse you with angry unpicking,
    Optimistically, perfectly, carefully wrapped
    With forethought given to some future moment requiring private sound.

    I curse you with resignation,
    Cosmic unbalancing force
    Mysteriously entangling the best laid plans,
    Good intentions and hopes for a better world.

    11 Jun 2010, 13:00

  2. Sue


    The net held up by buckets
    The “Engine” book
    all about engines
    How you loved it
    How I loved you for loving it
    How could I not
    when you loved them so
    Hard to fathom
    Hard to resist
    Not having the affinity
    with them
    Except for my love of hydraulics
    Always held a fascination for that
    But for you it was unspecific
    How I love you for that.

    11 Jun 2010, 20:30

  3. Just stumbled onto this, I like the challenge idea.

    I wish that time would speed up.

    I wish that every meandering minute, drifting past with indolent, insolent laziness would be pushed, dragged, kicking and screaming, forward.
    I wish that I could enjoy this frenzied anticipation, these Halcyon days of youth that I will (apparently) one day look back on with patient happiness and relaxed regret.

    I wish that it was possible to know, know everything all at once, and appreciate what will be appreciated when my head turns back to gaze on this manic, unbearable impatience.

    I wish that this impotence could turn into empowerment, this ignorance to knowledge, I wish for insouciance.
    I wish that time would speed up.

    I wish that.


    I curse you with ten forks for every knife.
    I curse you with sour milk in bitter tea, chipped mugs and dirty plates.
    I curse you with the aroma of rotting, spoiling meat. Inevitable food poisoning will follow.

    I curse you with microwaveable ready meals
    (I curse you with blocked arteries and high blood pressure).
    I curse you with a broken dishwasher.

    I curse you with meals for one in the fancy restaurants we loved to frequent when my cooking defeated us.
    I curse you with farcical calorie counting and portion control. But, above all else –
    I curse you with my shoes.

    11 Jun 2010, 20:59

  4. Penny Sharman


    Delicate dewy words of love speak
    I muster them round my tongue and
    gather a lathering punch full in the mouth
    and I curse you with
    unseen cracks of light in
    the dark spotless night
    to blink one million times
    I curse you with my
    crimson kisses
    in silent flight
    a night eagle watches
    all deception waking a new
    I curse you with the
    truth emerging from my gaze
    to yours
    back to front
    over and over I
    curse you with my love.

    14 Jun 2010, 13:13

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