May 13, 2010

Mirrors to Nature

Mirrors to NatureProfessor David Morley presents the third Poetry Challenge "in which we begin listening more clearly to the poet in ourselves." In this episode Prof Morley asks "Where is the truth of the self? Is it located in the observer or the observed, or in the act of observation or the act of observing?".

Don't be shy about sharing your responses to this poetry challenge here on the blog where others will be able to appreciate them.

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  1. Helena

    Another tricky but intriguing exercise, thank you. I’ve tried to follow your instructions to the letter – even though my drawing is terrible. I’ve written the 2 poems and then combined them below, using a final verse to hopefully connect them. I hope it isn’t too stereotypical to end up wanting a thinner face and wearing more make-up – I was probably thinking of Liz Taylor as Cleopatra and not the original, given your emphasis on “performance”.

    Facing Facts

    Face facts – I’m older now
    A little like my aunts;
    One whom I was afraid of
    And one whom I loved, as a child.
    My lips down-turned
    The beginnings of a dimple
    In my chin, cheeks that sag;
    It would probably be better
    If I smiled but I don’t feel
    Like smiling somehow.

    Side-on and speaking is a better look
    More angled, with a thinner cheek and chin
    Lips opened up and darkened
    Eyes are huge and Cleopatra-like, lined in.
    Hair like Veronica Lake, all curled yet straight
    Mouth open, to impart sharp words
    Like diamonds dropping from a lizard’s tongue
    White neck, impossibly long, ears dripping
    With small jewels clinging to golden ivy
    Eyelashes hung with rubies.

    Or is it blood?
    Because now my eyes are bleeding
    Into what I’ve done.

    17 May 2010, 14:01

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