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November 02, 2009

Whodunni's Dice

Grumpelina, the Great Whodunni’s beautiful assistant, placed a blindfold over the eyes of the famous stage magician. A member of the audience then rolled three dice.

"Multiply the number on the first dice by 2 and add 5,” said Whodunni. “Then multiply the result by 5 and add the number on the second dice. Finally, multiply the result by 10 and add the number on the third dice.”

As he spoke, Grumpelina chalked up the sums on a blackboard which was turned to face the audience so that Whodunni could not have seen it, even if the blindfold had been transparent.

“What do you get?” Whodunni asked.

“Seven hundred and sixty-three,” said Grumpelina.

Whodunni made strange passes in the air. “Then the dice were...”

What? (And how did he do it?)

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