About Warwick Challenges

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Eleanor Lovell

Warwick Challenges are mini academic challenges from University of Warwick professors, set via the micro-blogging service Twitter (and also via this blog).

The Friday Poetry Challenge is bought to you by Professor David Morley in the form of a podcast workshop. Professor Morley will explore the wonderful word-world of poetry, share some of his own poems and challenge you to find the poet within you.

The Warwick Maths Challenges are based on the books of Professor Ian Stewart. Professor Stewart’s latest book – Hoard of Mathematical Treasures – is out now and we will bring you some of the best challenges and brain teasers every Monday morning.

If you are on Twitter, you can follow the University of Warwick Twitter account (@warwickuni) to take part in these challenges or you can just check this blog.

We hope you enjoy the mini-challenges and if you have ideas for future challenges, please let us know by emailing us directly using the ‘Contact Me’ link at the top of the page.