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January 14, 2010


Leadership is always a hot issue in any organisation or profession. On one side, people think about their leaders when the leaders first time stand forward in front of people. Likewise, leaders are thinking about their group members when the group members are doing so. However, leaders have one more thing over others which is "How can I make these people willing to work for me positively?".

The answer for the question will be hard to have, because people are different.  Different people whom are treated in the same way would possibly reflect various results,  cooperative or not. Therefore, the ways to deal with others become crucial. More leaders are willing to use their position power rather than personal power. Here, I'm totally understant why they do in this way. Nevertheless, being tough can not solve all problems occured in a process of leadership. It seems like a spring, it may absorb the energy when you push it down, sometimes it may not. This is applied within people, people would start to argue, and then whole environment will be damaged.

Repect is one word that I've heard a lot within lecture. I think the respect between leaders and the others are mutual, and it is based on something. Initially, people respect leaders because of the positional power that leaders have, no one wants to get in troubles. With more and more respect from leaders, people could start to change, becoming more respective from their heart or disrespective.

Leading people is about to involve psychological point of view a lot.

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