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January 31, 2010

what do you cost

In any companies, political issues are happening here and there. As a basic element of this culture, how can we position ourselves when we actually find ourselves in the middle of it. Bosses are more likely to be comforted by being kissed on their backs, no one would refuse to be complimented. And also, they are quite happy, sometimes, to notice some invisible fights among departments. This is what is happening really in the real world. As maturing Masters, some of us are heading to employment after graduation. It will be a question for us sooner or later, we could be successful unbelievably fast as well as losing everything in a second.

It is contradict to talk about the question. In my point of view, it really depends on how you want your life to be. One  is keep your morality clean and pure. The other is do something dirty or bad behind someone's back to make a better life. Or, there is the third choice which is do bad things deliberately not to jeopardise others' future. 

There is a story. A king has two ministers. One is a good guy who is smart and rectitude. The other is greed and corrupt. However, both of them are beloved by the king while they are intangibly fighting under the supervision of him. The king knows everything of it, but he never points it out. His intention is obvious which is quite like the one that most managers are likely to have. Internal competition is a preferable situation that some bosses possibly want, even though they never say a word about it. The only things bosses care is performances and results. On the other hand, invisible fights sometimes could generate a more satisfactory results that bosses are looking for.

Accordingly, what you want to cost in returns of what you are after is not a black and white question. It could turn out preferable results of yours, or ....It really depends your own choice. So, watch out!! and take care!!!

A little thought of being an effective leader?

A hotel simulation in the module of Leadership Excellence formed me a clearer on being an effective leader. Leaders deal with projects through leading groups of people. When having a new project, leaders are naturally receiving expectation from followers of knowing the whole project inside out. However, that's not the exactly leaders should do. 

A little understanding of mine on being an effective leader specifically under this occasion is as the following:

1. Fully understanding of what the project is precisely aiming for, and lock the objectives up.;

2. With given resources in the team, break down the project and make a systematic plan to be conducted;

3. Briefing the details of the project and allocating tasks to specific departments;

4. Creating a vision for the followers and providing a perfectly safe environment for completing the project;

5. Managing time and make sure that followers are aware of it;

A leader should not have to be an expert in where he or she is working, but a leader have to know how to inspire followers and maximise their potential in their fields. 

Mistakes are quite normal to be come cross in business environment. The important thing for leader is not to leave it or use positional power to make it worse. It should be discussed and compromised sometimes because there is no absolutely right answer in business. There are only more feasible options for managers to choose. Therefore, do not blame someone when he or she made a mistake in decision-making. Try to find the reason for it while figuring out solution. 

January 14, 2010


Leadership is always a hot issue in any organisation or profession. On one side, people think about their leaders when the leaders first time stand forward in front of people. Likewise, leaders are thinking about their group members when the group members are doing so. However, leaders have one more thing over others which is "How can I make these people willing to work for me positively?".

The answer for the question will be hard to have, because people are different.  Different people whom are treated in the same way would possibly reflect various results,  cooperative or not. Therefore, the ways to deal with others become crucial. More leaders are willing to use their position power rather than personal power. Here, I'm totally understant why they do in this way. Nevertheless, being tough can not solve all problems occured in a process of leadership. It seems like a spring, it may absorb the energy when you push it down, sometimes it may not. This is applied within people, people would start to argue, and then whole environment will be damaged.

Repect is one word that I've heard a lot within lecture. I think the respect between leaders and the others are mutual, and it is based on something. Initially, people respect leaders because of the positional power that leaders have, no one wants to get in troubles. With more and more respect from leaders, people could start to change, becoming more respective from their heart or disrespective.

Leading people is about to involve psychological point of view a lot.

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