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June 06, 2010

Facility Management Process

Since I started to MBE, I have analysed quite number of different process that has been generated for number of different objectives and aspects. But I realised that even they have different stages, actually all them has same principles to compete successful process.

  • Identify needs (what you overall (business) need, why you need...)
  • develop strategy
  • identify needs for to achieve strategy
  • find/develop solution
  • implement solution
  • monitor if it is working or not

Therefore, the same applies to FM as well. In order to manage facilities effectively that includes all resources as I had mentioned before, first of all, it is necessary to identify business needs. This knowledge will allow us to be able to observe all internal and external facilities/opportunities to meet overall business needs. After that, it is necessary to develop strategy for FM that will also align to organizations policy and strategy, to create common goal to achieve and beside this, to provide common understanding by sharing knowledge about strategy including business needs and also it will help us to have everyone’s concern on it. And then, it is also necessary to determine core and non-core business activities to be able to determine what we need to do to support FM strategy and what activities can be outsource and after that, based on financial limits and organizations requirements, market researching need to made to examine what option will bring much more benefit, if outsourcing is best option or not which means it will require to identify what is needed for retain in-house... Once all options and requirements has been considered including both internal and external perspective, best solutions will be appear and then solution can be implemented. Furthermore, implementation stage should not be the last stage to be able to be aware situation and also to adopt to change.

If I get chance to work in facility management team as a leader or as a team member, this observation will allow me to be able to consider all internal and external requirements to not ignore all human-financial-physical-knowledge reources when managing facilities.

end more...

June 03, 2010


I used to think about facilities that car parking, accommodation opportunities that companies provide for their employee, performance payment to motivate their people and things like that. But what realised that those activities are just one small part of facilities that organizations need to be considered during the assessment of their facilities. In other worlds, facility management is about integration of core and core activities that are actually represent organizations facilities such as catering, cleaning, health and safety, security, emergency services, energy management, project management etc... Therefore, Facility management requires managing all financial, human, physical and knowledge resources at the same time; from property management to utility management.

In my case, it is really important to be able to observe all these opportunities for organizations sustainability and maintainability. Because, as long as they utilize and protect their property/assets that invite productivity improvement, help to the supply chain control and to reduce competitive pressure, they will be able to achieve commercial success in the competitive market.

That knowledge brought me a new perspective that will help me to assess all facilities that organizations have from their raw material and product stock to all other services that has been outsourcing or retaining in-house. 

April 23, 2010

learning points in KBAM (1)

Learning points of this module are undefinable.

We all had an experience

  • to work as a consultant
  • to create our own work schedule
  • to manage our time as a team
  • to take real own responsibility for our team to achieve our common goal
  • to manage our own knowledge management system as a team 
  • to create knowledge sharing environment
  • to share our knowledge in order to increase our performance
  • ...

I really love MBE learning environment. We are all learning by researcing and then practicing our knowledge. All this experince that KBAM module gave me is important for my future job life to use.

  • keep going to share knowledge no mather if it is mistakes or successes
  • do not postpone to documante what you have (meeting agenda)
  • make sure to use clear sentence (it might not be understanded when you or someone else need in the future)
  • always determine the time that you need to spend on it
  • do not ignore any individual in the team (Even if the majority participanting)
  • make sure everyone knows what is the aim (common goal)
  • do not assume that everyone can understand you or your job ( e.g. "do not enter" sign)
  • use "quite-brainstorming" to create mindmaps or new ideas (give a time limit and then without speaking, let everyone write own ideas on the paper and let them analyse everyones ideas that has been already on the table to create new ones and then analyse together- outcomes are perfect)
  • ...

besides the teorical knowledge about KBAM, I know how to implement such as how to use lessons learned, how to ensure everybody have same understanding .. etc.

I had a better understanding of importance of KBAM and how it helps to business performance. No mather where I am going to be in the furture, in small or big company, KBAM system will be needed. and with these knowledge I am able to create sharing knowledge and motivate them to share their knowledge with common understanding and mental model.

April 20, 2010

the ways to apply KM

The impact of Leadership is ofcourse undisputed (will be disscussed in other topic) but when we came to real business life to anwer how they make KM work is totally diferent topic.

either in small companies or big companies who know the importance of KM, are using quite different techniques. alhough, this knowledge sharing environment can be created by only effective leadership, many companies have been using IT software programs to save their knowledge for future use and many others use some other continuous improvement approaches to provide knowledge share such as EFQM.

In this point 6 σ can be come to mind as well but it should be in mind that one of the criticisim of 6σ projects that  needed to be overcome (or success factor that needed to be provided)  by effective leadership. Addition to that, using IT programs will not be the solution of KM. Because if people dont know why they need to use this, why they need to documante their knowledge or use the other documented knowledge, they will not do like they need to do that will effect their performance either in bad way or good way.

So, what I would do if I work in organization no mather in small or big company, no mather which way they are gathering or saving their knowledge, I would create better understanding of knowledge sharing including what-why and how to share, continuous learning culture that they can share all their knowledge either from their mistakes or successes without any jugment, fear or doubt.

my Kbam team

"Being in a team that consists of the team members who are much more dominant than eachother" is nondescript event.

There are;

  • endless ideas to discuss
  • endless discussions,
  • nobody gives up to make eveyone agree with his/her idea

So what is happening, trying to make eveyone agree in current idea if not, trying to be find other ways to do and then new idea comes up and then new discussion and it takes hours and hours!!

Learning points are huge ofcourse but if you ask us time, break, even lunch for ourself (like yesterday), there is noting :))

It is reallt difficult to be leader in this kind of team.. nobody hush, nobody wants to skip anything, everybody want to consider something else ... It could be annoying beause it is really hard to limit them, to focus on one particular aspect by avoing other aspects that can be important as well - such as in our mini project topic, for example... It is really difficult thats why I can understand Lavinia :)) sometimes nobody listen her :)) Hold on Lavinia we should not forget this :))) we should consider this as well even we focused on some other aspect :))

I was in a team that there was 2-3 people who are dominant in 5 or 6 people. And that time we were trying to provide team engagement and involvement but know totaly different experience.. Good luck Lavinia :))

what I can do in future if I came across with like this team. Because of they do not stop themself to discuss (even on same ideas for improvement) Despite huge amound of learning point, I need to stop/limit them to make a decision by giving them expectations by creating common understand of goal and objectives including time limit.

to ensure to be aware of the situation

We all heard that I am doing/using this cause they told me to do/use. What I was thing that is because of people are not examining what they are doing/using and they do/use what has been doing/using or what has been told them to so/use. I was thinking how to make them examine. But after discussion with Paul, I realised that actually it is all about again and again with effective leadership.

in real life, not all organizations want their employees to think, what they want is that people need to do what has been told them to do which is prevending business performance and thus business success!! - but we will be there to change this idea-

as a leader of the organizations even it is small or big, we need to ensure that everyone is part of the business success and that is why it is important to make sure everyone knows importance of what they are doing/using. 

when I ask someone who work in the company as a part of the 6 σ projects, why are you implementing  6σ or why do you need other approaches to support your projects, they dont know why? but dont you think if they know it will effect their performance during the project and it will effect their success... 

So, it is about proving information that your people need to be able to much more effective etc. and creating common mental model on this business initiative and by doing that they will be aware of what and why they are doing.

the meaning of "Effective Leader" is getting bigger in every seminars and discussions !!! I am looking forward to use those knowledge in my career.

"Do not Enter

As you see, even it is write there that "Do not enter", you are here to check what it is about due to your curiosity. :)) people are keen on to break the prohibition. So, if you really want to prevent to entrance, there should be more informantion about what will happen when someone goes in and everyone will be able to be aware of the danger.

All the kidding aside, it is only for employee safety but also for all other people who can be around of the danger.  like today's nitrogen hazard event, people are able to avoid the warnings due to time stress during the working hours if there is no information - that can be powerful reminder with pictures or a simple explanation of what will be happen if someone goes in or use it, forexample, -

Lets take in simple terms, It should be in mind that the sign of "Do not enter" does not always have same meaning. what I meant here that -forexample- I have seen in quite a few place that are using the "Do not enter" sign in front of the lift, both if there is cleaning process in lift and if the lift is broke down. I have heart a lots of time that desipe of the warning of "do not entre", people are still opening the lift door and falling down toward the lift shaft and die. Cause they are thinking their past experince on this situation.

with an other example, the sign of "wet floor" have been using in the restorants for all situations such as if there is broken glass on the floor, really wet floor with liquid or in the situation that floor has just cleaned. But as you can imagine, actions will be differ for each situations. what workers are thinking when they see the sign "just be careful" and what is happening during the busy time everyone thinking that it is not big deal last time just walked and thats it so no worries... but if the floor really wet it might cause to injury !!


It was really good to observe this warning issues in real life. I had quite different perpective when I see this kind of warnings and where ever I will be in, I will be aware of this issue that can be cause everthing - money, injury or even death- So, as it has been for everthing, it is important to explore and to be realized by every individual that importance of the situations,evets, actions etc. With this warning signs it is not diffucult to remind them what will be happen if they do not comply with. this imformation can be produce by using pictures or with a simple explanation...

April 08, 2010

Introduction to Knowledge–based asset management

Asset management plan sets out the stragety for managing building assets and  help an organizations to manage their infrastructure, their perfomance, costs and to control their risks by providing continuous information about their situation including their facilities, resources that they have, their expenditures etc. there are different aspects on asset management such as facilities, life-cycle, resource, security, health and safety and envirolmental manegement.

Knowledge management plan is a document for a specific project, department or function, that includes

  • What knowledge is needed by the project

  • What knowledge will be created by the project

  • What system of processes, technologies and roles will be used to manage knowledge within the project,

  • What actions need to be taken to implement the system, and

  • Which people are accountable for individual actions.

Organizations can take an appropriate action as long as they know what is going on within the organization, when there is potential risk in their business. stock problem, for example, when you have a required knowledge about your stock either if there is over stock or deficient stock, you can take appropriate action to solve that problem before it cost you... In other hand, you have to create the conditions in which facilities can be effectivelly managed and have ultimate responsibility for generating the resource on organization needs to support business objectives. Furtermore, you need to responde your people needs by understandig them in order to increase businesses performance effectiveness...

Consequently, asset management that will be supported by constantly renewed knowledge about organization.

Addition to that, the aspects of asset management plan will be differ from company to company depending on organization situation or objectives, while knowledge management has an great importance for every type organization. That is why, in our task for WaveRiders forexample, it is important to understand business goals including its situations to plan future activities or to determine priorities in terms of asset management  in order to achieve that common goal.

February 03, 2010

the impact of leadership on organizational performance

People always look for somebody who will stand in front of them to give a direction in order to achieve shared goal. therefore, leaders reacts/behaviours always have an impact on their performance. if they see that leader support them activelly to achieve their goal, they follow leaders and do their best.

thats why; as a leader, it is always important to have a confidence about what to do. and when you work with them to create a shared vision, help them to undertand the direction, and motivate/support them to do their best, all best work will follow you to achieve business goal. 

I will never forget it. If I don't belive my self, I can not provide them to follow me. If I don't care the implementation or to achieve the goal, nobody will give an attantion on it.

January 14, 2010

OL and Six Sigma integration

in PIUSS PMA, to study how Six Sigma can make contribution to OL gave me incredible perspective. Because I have been always fun of Six Sigma since I met with it. I was thinking that if company apply Six Sigma can gain a lots of thing because it does no have any missing part or weaknesses we can say in terms of solve current problems. But I realised that there are some important weakness that can be fulfilled by OL. Six Sigma implementation can be more effective with entagration with OL. Six Sigma which is single loop learning process, is not enough for much more success there should be double loop learning for long term success.

Six Sigma is a good opportunity to build OL. Because Six Sigma requires people participation to identfy causes for current problem(s), using knowledge to find out solutions,... etc. and all those things are important to build OL in organization.

OL provide to avoid failure factors in the implemantation of Six Sigma such as communication problem or management support...etc.

when get chance to work as a leader in Six Sigma projects I would try to provide organizational learning in the organization if it is not there ...

January 13, 2010

Leader is a person who…

it is getting more interesting to figure out how to be more effective leader...

I will try to get them together that what I caught today.

- Leader is not a person who do others job, if they don't do... Leader is a person who support them to do their job in order to achieve shared goal.

- Leader is not a person who solve the problem(s)... Leader is a person who support workers to solve current problem(s) by assessing solutions which they thought/found/... etc

- Leader is not a person who tell people how to do... Leader is a person who provide to involve people into process by ensuring to make them undertand the goal(s) with its importance and benefit(s) and also leader is a person who create the expectation in order to achieve goal(s) if it is necessery

- Leader is not a person who is doing right and who gives an order to follow that what he/she think to do... Leader is a person who can observe the situation(s) and who is open to criticism and who is open to change if it is necessery

- ...

- Furtermore, Leader is a person who 

  • can motivate them to belive that everthings based upon them to achieve shared goal(s)
  • provide make them understand what is in it for them
  • conduct them by helping them to understand what they are doing wrong in order to achieve goal(s)
  • ...

and then we come to defination which Paul had a few years ago that "leadership is the process of influencing the thoughts and activities of followers towards achievement of shared goals"


all those points are so important to be a effective leader in real business life. my vision is to be a best in my job. In may case it is always requires continuos personal develepment to be best in all experienced people and in well educated new generation. I would like to be leader in the future. therefore, it is not enough to have just leadership skills but it is important to be good and effective leader.

In all my life, I tried to make my friends think and I tried to find their self who were inside them by giving confidence. even they hate me at the beginning, I would have been continuing to push them to find theirself in my business life as well. I belive that this is the another leadership skill. We are here to get all these leadership skills it doesnt matter how well we did in team project it is important how many of us get that skills... we all here to be a future leader and not all of us have that confident. So, forget about to be best team and lets give an opportunity to every individual to find theirself who were inside them. and if you think that if you guys lead or present something, it is going to be bad or if you think someone else can do better then you.. STOP IT... AND  DO IT... do not forget this you are the future leader and noone else can do better then you!!!

Good luck...

January 12, 2010

Leader's ability

Today's outcomes in terms of leadership are about leaders ability in terms of leading team members. Therefore, learning points are here that leaders,

  • who show theirself in front of the team  by leading people with personal power by not giving order or treating with positional power
  • who determine the purpose, show direction and create expectation in order to achieve goal by challanging them
  • who involve them into process by motivating them
  • who support them and be able to affect their behaviour if it is going wrong in order to achieve goal or someother important reasons by observing team members and also their work 
  • who can provide the situation(s) is under-control
  • ...

Morefore, generally managers havent got any leadership skills but when we talk about leaders, in my opinion, leader need to have management skills to lead team, to make a desicion in the right place at the right time...

All those points are important to get successfull results from our work in real business life.

To know something, to realised something which you know, to use them and to explain them are quite different concepts that I am figuring out this year...

I was always a leader in my group, class, school, small or big projects ..etc. I have led two big education projects for there years and I had a lots of more activation which I organized in my all student year. My friends and my little students are always said that they loved me a lot and we have done perfect things... There was always someone who didnt think that we can manage to do or finish but I now realised that I have good motivated them and we managed what I planed... That experiences weren't that much big like business but I now have good confidance... After LE and ofcourse after this year, I belive that (despite the difficulty in finding a job, if I have that opportunity), I will be a good/effective leader.

Where ever we are, the common expectation from us as a leader will be a confidence to be able to lead them. So, do not without personal confidence. People do not follow leader unless leader have a confidence....

Every each day I am finding myself in this couse and everyeach module I am having new skills to write my Cv. its been three pages now :))) I cant imagine end of year :)))

Good luck...

January 11, 2010

the first step of effective leadership "respect

People are different... in different way, we are thinking, looking, judging, even for simple issue or for simple event, we have different behaviour and that is why there are different leadership undertstanding, different expectation... the important thing which we discussed today, is respect... if you care about your people, they will care about you and they will do what you are expecting from them...

as I learned from my experience as a team member, team work is bulding the success and also failure in the busineess. they can ensure to get business to the top or to the bottom... therefore, they shouldn`t be omitted... team members try to do their best if you are respecting them... if you look at them as a machine or as a slave; or if team members dont feel respect from you, they dont mind both you and their job.

we have seen the first step of leadeship... first impression is always important in everywhere and we can start from here...

more fore, respect is not just for business it is also for our life, our familiy life... we will be a mum or father which means a leader for child. they will also expect to respect them to show respect us...

the essensial reason of to be here (MBE) is to became a future leader. So, Leadership and excellence is the essensial module for our course. I feel that this module will give us a perfect perspective in terms of practising leadership. and we have a lots of excercise in this module like we want :)))

Good luck everyone...

November 19, 2009

why Six Sigma Projects fail and how to avoid it (e–learning)

If the concept of success is to achieve to target, we can assess our self by reviewing the project end of the process. We can achieve our target without any failure by following the key success factors. As we have checked the success stories to identify the key factors we should also view the failure stories. Determining the mistakes and do not repeat again is another learning way to abstain from the failure.

According to Peter Bersbach (2009), The Roadmap to a Successful Six Sigma projects is DMAIC which is the five steps process. Sometimes it is hard to implement these five steps. But shouldn’t been given up for achieving successful Six Sigma process. So, what are the success factors for to succeed DMAIC process? To identify key success factors of DMAIC process for successful Six Sigma projects, let’s view the reasons of Six Sigma project fails.

According to Lou Johnson (2009) and Ross Farrelly (2008), there are a few common reasons which have been encountered.

  1. Management Support
  2. The project is not linked to finances
  3. The solution is never implemented
  4. No data / bad data to make decision
  5. The projects scope is too large
  6. The project is forced into DMAIC
  7. Poor use of resources for DMAIC rigor
  8. Insufficient training

And also according to Anne Hudson, there are several other important reasons for project fails;

  • Lack of team cohesion and leadership
  • Lack of effective tools to support projects and optimize the process
  • Difficulty leading distributed teams
  • Lack of sustained Management engagement

As can be remembered from e-learning modules, first important step is selecting the priority from problems. Cause, if we start to fix them at the same time everything is going to be mixed up. After defining selected problem, the project charter should be created and the SIPOC should be composed with the execute team - that provide to involve process owner and management engagement in the future steps with team leader, and project team who are committed to a common purpose and performance goals to identify the project scope and others. In this case, it is also important to choose correct persons for project team. Therefore, to create a project contract provided to observe what goals are achievable and the project is suitable for DMAIC process or not with sponsor expects. And also the key people are involved, the purpose of the process, inputs, and outputs are indentified and also relationships between customers and suppliers are determined by creating flowcharts.

After data can be trusted is provided and identified type of data, process are viewed and variation in the process are modified by creating control charts and histogram. To be saved from mistakes which caused to lead to making change that are inappropriate or caused to miss a valuable change to learn about and change something that’s causing large deviations from your ideal state by distinguishing between common and assignable causes of variation with control charts. And also measure how well a stable process would meet customer requirements and help prioritise process implement efforts are provided by measuring process capability. The causes of variation, a number of causes that can be verified with real data and relationships between causes are identified by supporting tools such as Pareto, Cause & Effect and scatter diagrams for successfully ended process.

The most encountered reason of failure is “do not implementing to Improve and Control steps after Analyse in DMAIC process”. It is generally because of not implementing the solution. In order to avoid failing to implement the solution to project; Project Charter created and Project Contract prepared with all team and process owner. Solutions are suggested by all team members and before adopting any random solution, the solution matrix created to choose best ones from possible solutions and test them to make sure a change is an improvement with that solutions. After tested, it is going to be clear to see what is going to be done next.

People won’t change their behaviour unless they know why they should change, and they agree with that reason (socio-emotional step). So, instead of train selected people such as black belts or green belts in Six Sigma projects, training everybody (with management, team leader, process owners... etc.) is another important factor in order to achieve successful project.

“Learning the Six Sigma methodology as a group is important factor that will help many teams ultimately be successful with their projects.” (Lou Johnson, 2009: 8)

As we seen here, to be saved from all reason of failure is provide in e-learning practice. In this case, the Six Sigma projects Success factors, according to Lou Johnson (2009);

  • Proper training and understanding at all levels, from the top down
  • Selecting the right project
  • Gathering the right data (data can be trusted)
  • Linking project objectives clearly to corporate financial & business goals
  • Gaining adequate Process Owner and Management support
  • Focus on the fundamentals – they lead to Six Sigma success


Yellow belt e-learning modules from PMI

Why projects fail;
http://www.sixsigmatraining.org/category/six-sigma-projects http://www.sixsigmaonline.org/six-sigma-training-certification-information/articles/six-sigma-training—-why-failure-happens-and-how-to-avoid-it-part-1.html

Why Failure Happens and How to Avoid it http://www.sixsigmaonline.org/six-sigma-training-certification-information/articles/six-sigma-training—-why-failure-happens-and-how-to-avoid-it-part-2.html

The Roadmap to a Successful Six Sigma Project: http://www.sixsigmatrainingconsulting.com/six-sigma-tools/the-roadmap-to-a-successful-six-sigma-project/ I am totally agree with his idea.

The top reasons Six Sigma Projects fail (and what you can do to avoid them);

Top reasons Six Sigma Projects fail and keys to success;


Why Six Sigma Projects Fail & How to Prevent It;

November 12, 2009

By using SoPK to apply SixSigma

What is Six Sigma?

·       An improvement methodology (P. Gupta,2004: pp.209) (G. Brue, 2005: viii)...etc

·       99,9997% success/quality (J.A.F. Stoner, F.M. Werner, 1994: pp.157)(G. Brue, 2005: viii)...etc

·       To ensure no more than 3.4 defects per million (A. Georgia, 1998: 2994)(G. Brue, R. Howes, 2006: 51) (M.A. Hitt, R.D. Ireland, Robert E. Hoskisson,2008: 142)

In this case, we can say that companies who applied Six sigma, ultimate purpose is to get level of 6σ in journey of excellence. Thus, Six sigma methodology provide continuous process improvement. So, what psychology can help to apply this methodology?

Deming’s System Profound Knowledge (SoPK) (F. W. Breyfogle III, 2004:1-2)

•        Appreciation for a system ; ; is that, understanding that all the parts of business are related

•        Knowledge about variation; is that, knowledge of common cause and special variation

•        Theory of knowledge; is that, how we learn things

•        Knowledge of Psychology ; is that, what motivates people

As we seen there, using Deming’s system profound knowledge as a guide, we can lead Six Sigma tools. Lets see the linkedge between Deming’s system profound knowledge and Six Sigma approach.                                 

Defining the problem, business ca se and customer requrements can be provided by knowledge of system. As Deming said, you need to think your organization as a whole with your all people, supplier and also with your customer. By thinking them all together and by reviewing them, you can see your problems which you need to focus and by determining customer requrement, you can provide the servise which they want or need…

According to Greg Brue (2002: 3) “the idea of six sigma management is that if you can measure the defects in a process, you can systematically figure out ways to eliminate them” so one of the key steps is defining the variation, to identify assignable causes of variation we need knowledge of variation.

Theory of knowledge can provide us to compose the cause and effect (fishbone) diagram and thus, we can keep them under control in the future.

After all, we would have measured our process, seen the variations, eliminated them and also we would have been ready for future plan by system profound knowledge.

Beside this, as Deming said for quality product/service, everybody in the organization should be involved. People are different and everybody have a own working style (H. R. Neave, 1990: 277). So, We need to understand our people to involve them into Six sigma. And it can be provided by knowledge of psychology. Therefore, your people who is in the organization, are your internal customer and make them happy is the first thing which you should do to prove good service for your external customer.

We have plan that what we gonna do in everyeach step (DMAIC)  in the Six Sigma Process, and we collect some data for this plan and make a decision and then plan that what we gonna do next.

For example, ... SIPOC and flowcharts is created and then to get some data about process is planed for nex step (Measurement). some data is collected and datas are reivewed and variation is observed and then to find out the reason and their effects are planed for next step (Analyse)...  It remind me PDCA cycle. In this case, PDCA cycle also working in every step in the Six Sigma process (DMAIC) as well as it work everywhere in life.


Atlanta, Georgia (1998) “Conference proceedings at ATEC`98

Forrest W. Breyfogle III (2004) “Achieving Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge through the

Integrated Enterprise Excellence System”-“Implementing Six Sigma” 2nd Ed.

Greg Brue (2005) “Six Sigma for Managers” 24 Lessons to Understand and apply Six Sigma Principles in any organization

Henry R. Neave (1990) “The Deming Dimension”

Michael A. Hitt, R. Duane Ireland, Robert E. Hoskisson (2008) Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization, Cases, 8th Ed

Praveen Gupta (2004) “Six Sigma Business scorecards”

James A. F. Stoner, Frank M. Werner (1994) “Managing Finance for Quality”

November 10, 2009

The concept of variation and SoPK

variables have been barriers in the journey of excellence and when variation increase, the risk always increase with them. Thats why the idea of six sigma is to find the variation and purify process from variation. This is why we started to understand the concept of "variation".

"common cause" of variation-is been under control = random variable can be encountered everytime and this cause smal effect. Common causes are inherent in process thats why only the random variables remains in the process (B.Bergman, B.Klefsjö 1994, pp.180). If there are just common causes, the process is called as a "stable" and "predictable".

"special cause" of variation = assignable variable is an identifiable, specific cause of variation in a given process or measurement. A cause of variation that is not random and does not occur by chance is "assignable."

           Source: http://www.surveymethods.com/glossary/Assignable_Cause.aspx

There is no specific distinction between these causes. We can use the contol chats which can be composed by sampling method to identify special (assignable) causes. There are some examples:

control charts

Source: http://www.shmula.com/241/statistical-process-control-why-you-should-care

As we seen here, there are a few assignable causes which we should find out. After determining the causes by knowledge of variation , we can create cause and effect (fishbone) diagram by knowledge of system and it can provide us to see what can come next and to keep them under control by this in the future.

It is also same thing for our personal improvement. Think about it! We had determined our own study sytle since our education life. But how? Forexample for me before my exams lets say I study two hour. but  I can say that if tv is on, I know that I will focus on it and I am able to forget to study and learning something is gonna take time... That is my assignable causes and also if somebody call me when I am studying it can be common causes and also assignable causes... etc. That was just an example ofcourse not every causes are encountered like that.

I hope I could explain what I want...

November 09, 2009

Something from Six Sigma Experience…

Acording to Jill J. Barshay (1999) "if how many error in the process is known, solitions can be seen systematically and then excellence can be achieved." this the Six Sigma thought. Aim of six sigma is the error-free product/servise by reducing variability. In this case, Six sigma is the process improvement approach by keeping under control the errors in the process.

Aim of the company who apply to six sigma, is to reach the level of six sigma. Cause you can not reach 6 Sigma level at the moment that you start to apply. It needs time to achieve, step by step.

As we seen today when Jan showed us the level of sigmas, there is huge diffrences between 96% (3,3 Sigma) success with 99,9997% (6 sigma) success. What we are thinking, 99% success is very satisfactory achievement. I will give some examlpe for level of 3,8 sigma (99% ) and 6 sigma (99.9997) from my previous experience and you will change your mind.

Six sigma

Source: http://emprisebusiness.com/SixSigma.htmlhttp://emprisebusiness.com/SixSigma.html

I am sure that  the most striking excample is "wrong drug prescriptions" for everbody. In this case, if you think with small figures maybe you are not able to see the diffrences between 99% with 99.9997% but if you think with huge figures as a company. You also want to achieve level of 6 sigma.

The  another thing is a lot of companies think that cost of six sigma is huge to spent and also time. Cause to get  6 Sigma level is required long team. It was the hardest time to discuss with them, when I suggest them to apply 6 Sigma for process improvement... Make them understand that when you come to level of 6 Sigma, you will earn much more money then you spent and you will see that spending that much time for your process provide much much more thing then you imagine. this is the another subject that "cultural change" which is the hardest thing, if people do not want to understand.!!!

There is some more answers from today's questions I want to share with you. "which sectors can apply"

I observed that every companies from different sector are appling Sig Sigma. The important this is here to determine your customer. For example I started to search to understant Sig Sigma approah and then I reivewed that how manufacting sectors are appling. It was quite easy to imagine even without review cause we all know their customer "external customer". But when started to review other sector I had no idea how they can apply. There was really interesting situations which I reallised.

There are too many companies who apply sig sigma in Turkey. But the most interesting sector is "puclic hospital" in the east of Turkey for me. How are they doing? Think about customer of Hospital! Who are the customer for hospital? "sick people" maybe some you said "doctors, nurses,.." who else...

they have two kind of customer "internal and external". internal customes are doktors, nurses, cleaners,secretries, ambulance servises ... etc I mean all their staff in the hospital are their internal customer. They need to make them happy first and then they can provide excellent service for their external customer. In the six sigma customer does not just mean that person who make them earn but also person who gives servis. external customers are sick people, all other suppliers... etc

When they determined their customer I started to think. Cause I had never thought in that way before. And then I was able to see that ever companies can apply six sigma.

There are too many things I would like to share with you guys. But I think I need to stop now.

Good luck...

November 01, 2009

Deming psychology in my life…

At the present day, organizations who are on the top, they know that when and what they are gonna act. They know what to need?, how to do?, how to control?, how to achieve, what to change when they need? and how to change...etc.

If everyone reallised that how important to follow steps are to achieve the target succesfully with using their skills in that way, I am sure that everyone works properly and thats what I meaned when I said that "profound knowledge is the important thing is in Deming psychology".

"Knowledge" is not just information of the situations, is also informaiton of the importances of the behaviors and also information of how to use our knowledge...etc. There is not enough to know the theory, there must be the knowledge of the way to apply. even for us, what we all are saying there is no meaning what we learned, if we do not know how we gonna use that.

when I start to think "what I have done for there weeks" I reallised that unfortunatelly, just knowledge is not enough. I mean think about it. we all knew that we are here just for one year. We have unlimited time to do what we need to. All Wmg supervisors have been reminded us our reponsibilties which we need to do since we started. And we all knew that what we suppose to do till that time. But I don't know how many of us have been done.

To be honest, I haven't given 60 hours for my dissertation since first week. I couldn't find time. I have been studying eveyday maybe everytime when I am awake but I could't find time even I knew that how important to work on dissertation subject. So, I need to change something but how? Thats what I am thinking now. I had a aim, I did a plan, I did and I learned but when I assest myself, even I saw that I learned to many things and I know how to use as well but I haven't done work as it must be. "where is my dissertation work which has been  completed."

Thats what some organizations do. I mean, I know some small companies say they are working for excellence. even they are following spesific excellence model, they don't act as it should be. Like me... They had a aim, They made a plan, ... When they control theirself, They are thinking that it is enough for them. So, it means it is not enough review. Cause in my opinion if you are in journey to excellence, it has never gonna be enough.

    October 26, 2009

    Management rules

    Most effective learning is to learn by experience!... We witnessed to that. When I have got my responsibilties, I felt that I am a real manager in the hotel. Cause I started to think what I can do for this stuation, how I can solve that problem...I realy felt and all my experince-which are in the front hause when I was working- was revived in my mind. And also,  I saw the real organizational meeting and end of the meeting I started to think how it can be better?

    There was 5 managers from different departments who have a different approach to solve general problems. I reallised that even we had different issues, all this issues covered a answers for general promlems. Excellent organizations can manage to work together (with all departments) and with that way they can arrive to success.

    if all managers share what is going on in their departmant, what kind of issues they have, how they can think to solve that problems... etc, they will be able to have knowledge of the general stuation and also they can find out what is the reason of their issue. Forexamle, as a front hause manager I had a complain about Anika and I was thinking to give her a traning about teamwork. But after meeting I realised that she had realy valid reasons. Morefore, they will be albe to see a different approach to solve the issues.

    In this case, my key points are; sharing, listening, working as a team and feedback.

    Like Paul said, what I did in nursery school today? I just played a game. But it was the most effective learning. We want to play more game Paul !!

    October 15, 2009

    excellence model for the life!!!

    What is the excellence models for? just for companies, for improving the pruduct or servise ? no!!! We have life as well and all of us are trying to have excelent life, all of us are trying to have a better life much more then that which our parents give us. So we can arrange the models for our standards in our every each aims. I mean, Didn't we have a plan before we came here? Didn't we choose our way to improve ourself? It's not just learning something for our business life. It's not learning strategy for make a business. It's not !! If we can not manage our self we can not be leader of the future. Lets think models... basicly, what Deming says is "everthing is up to people" we need to understand what we have and what we want, where we want to be.. If we can define that where we are gonna be, Its mean we trust ourself and then we are able to do everthing... Nothing is imposible!! It is just not easy!!...

    A few years ago I start to think where I am. and Where is my parent and what they provide to me... My mum is housewife and my dad was a worker and now he is retired and I have younger sister. I had studied with study grant in my all school life and I said my children shouldn't see what I see to hard to life with... It is gonna be, If I study much much more... that was the desicion to be a better, to have a better life.. I mean, have an excellence in my life... when I meet the excellence models like more then 5 years ago... I said thats best way to manage yourself... you can see your way and if you control ourself, what ever the reason of the problem, you can solve it before it is gonna be late..

    Actually all of us did it. All of us made a desicion and we are here. maybe with that knowledge maybe other... time to be a open-minded... Time to understand... Time to apply what we are learning... do not postpone...

    define yourself; who are you, what do you want to be, in where are you gonna be happy, what you need for yourself, for your career, for your family in the future......

    measure yourself, where are you now... find the way how you can do ...

    analysis your self, are you in the right way...

    Improve yourself, time to do something... improve!!!

    Control yourself,  where did you came to ?...nobody gonna tell u that you are in wrong way.. you need to find out...

    This is a self-assessment. Time is running out... I know why I am here, thats why I am enjoying even when I was studing... And also same thing for our project... Ecellence models are not just for companies !!!

    We are here to understand all those thing and to apply in our life... we have just one year to practice so do not postpone to end of the year start to apply...

    gook luck...