April 25, 2010

KM in SME's

I have read  this topic in Umar's blogs. In his blog, he asked the necessity of a CKO in SME. I have a little thought on it. 

I think, first of all, KM is a way of think and is a culture. It is invisible and abstract to be understood. Nevertheless, KM is so powerful that it can change and improve a company from top to bottom. It doesn't have to entitle a person with a specific role. But it is important to be promoted in the entire company.   

I've come across some entrepreneurs who did really good job in business but were struggling in improving the efficiency of the business. As I mentioned in previous blogs, these businessmen are working with several well-known companies, including clothing, decoration, automotive and so on. Those big companies outsource manufacturing parts to these SME's companies. The SME's companies made their fortunes but hardly developed further. That is quite frustrating for those ambitious men.

I think it difficult to make KM work in SME's companies, especially some intensive manufacturing companies. But, I don't think it infeasible at all. Leaders must invest more on helping people who are without sufficient education to make them aware of the importance of their jobs, opinions and comments on their jobs. So that, this kind of companies could prepare a firm foundation for embedding new technology.

For those SME's who major in high technology business, it means even more to conduct KM as a business culture. Collecting existing knowledge is a base on which experts in the company could share and create more and later things for clients and markets. Those could bring more than profits for not only companies but themselves.

How would you do if you are running a SME's.

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  1. hey Zishang!

    Thank you for your blog. From your reflective, it seems to be difficult to bring knowledge management in SME’s. Could i explore my experience that i ever discuss with my friend who run a family business as SME’s. Knowledge management seems to be difficult to create in SME’s but actually, it’s in everywhere in a company. For example, in a work meeting or discussing to improve the business’s performance. SME’s quite manage knowledge more difficult than big company since the limited of money. A big company can keep their knowledge in a system as much as they want and can use in whenever they want. However, good system need money investment and that’s why SME’s need more effort to manage their knowledge. In this case, leader acts an important role to encourage people to explore their knowledge and create environment of creating, sharing and transferring knowledge. For example, workshop, training for enhancing people’s knowledge in an organization or even documents collection to reserve the knowledge within an organization. That’s example can be help SME’s manage the knowledge better.

    04 Jun 2010, 09:56

  2. with my understanding and thinking, i absolutely agree with your points.
    Investment is a very much important fact in knowledge management, it actually could facilitate the application of knowledge management. For instance, in a company, if there is a media or platform for people to share, such as intranets or forums. However, we still need people to get involved in sharing process while a platform is provided. Knowledge management will not have effects unless people are actively involved into the process, a sharing process, a learning process. I think that’s why leadership becomes more and more important at this stage.
    On the other hand, in SME’s companies, the application of knowledge management is a challenge to a leader. He might get limited resources and huge business pressure in the same time. Actually, everyone has just been below their upper limits at work, people could be tired or lazy. Most people look at a job as a way of living, they might just want to do enough work for their salary. At the end the day, they are not the owners of where they work. That’s the quite place to show the art of leadership.

    05 Jun 2010, 00:09

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