October 19, 2007

Leaning English in …...

I'm sure that people can learning English everywhere, the supermarket, the bank,  the bus  station,  their own room, the kitchen, even in the toiliet(where I know what the disposable bag is). that is to say you can learn new vocabulary everywhere. so there are million ways to learn English, but  different people have learning styles. if they are good at reading, they may like reading novel or newspaper. if they are good at speaking, they may like chatting. and if they are good at listening, they may like watching the TV programes, the films and listening to others. as it for me, I like the last one.

sometimes, I'll look some native speakers' blog, and try to find what's the difference between them and us, also find how they thinking, how they writing. then, use the words which they often use.but basically, I do some listening more than reading, that is a little bit boring to read something if I'm not really interested in. I like watching TV, and I'll imitate the actor's lines and the standard pronunciation again and again, because I like imitating( I also imitate the animals' sound well ).

and also, I can't improve my English with poor vocabulary.  vocabulary is the most import part in learning English. recently, I find a good way to learn new vocabulary rapid,  prepare a small notebook with you, if I want to say someting but I don't know the word, and I'll write down it in Chinese immediately,  after that, find it's meaning in the dictionary,and then, I'll remember the new vocabulary very well. It's a different way of that I find a new vocabulary in the article, and look up it in the dictionary. It's a better way to remenber because that is what I want to know not what the article tells me. It's a initiative way to learn the new vocabulary.

finally, I always believe that interest is the best teacher, and I'll learning English on myself's own initiative.

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    I found your new vocabulary learning strategy very interesting! I can see how it is very different to learn something because you WANT and NEED to learn it in order to communicate your thoughts compared to having a word forced on you from a reading passage. I’m glad to see that this is proving to be a way to rapidly increase vocabulary. I have one question though – how do you check that the translation from Chinese into English is appropriate? I think it is important to do that (ie check that you have the right word) before you commit a word or phrase to memory, in case you learn the wrong word.

    12 Nov 2007, 01:48

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