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October 18, 2007

Learning English by reading

    As a learner of English, I have some ways to improve my new language, such as writing, reading, listening and speaking. But the most effective method to me in my mind is reading. My English learning style is reading the English materials, because it can help me get a kind of sense of English. Whatever learning vocabulary or getting the British way of thinking, I always prefer to use reading to help me.

    Learning vocabulary is not easy. For most learners who are studying English, learning vocabulary is so necessary but also so bored. For me, whose favourite learning style is reading, learning vocabulary is not so difficult because I can review some new words a lot after I read a lot. This way is very helpful to get the impression of the new words, but notice that this effective work needs lots of time to read. If I read more, I can get more chance to meet a new word. That doesn¡¯t bother me to recite the words, so I like to learning vocabulary by this way.

    As my leaning style, reading helps me get my best English skill¡ªreading and comprehension. I learn vocabulary and acquire the knowledge by reading, so I read lots of materials written in English and practiced a lot in reading and comprehension. However, reading also brings me my worst skill¡ªspeaking at the same time. The reason is that I always read the materials but don¡¯t speak out. So I will improve my learning style by mixing the different ways of studying.

    Although reading can not help me to improve all the skills of English, it helps me to learn best by my experience. I read text books, and then I can understand the British way of thinking and know more about academic writing. I read newspaper, and then I can get more useful phrase and larger vocabulary. So reading is so helpful to me. As a learner of English, this is the best way to improve my English now.

October 05, 2007

Impression of Britain

There are lots of fresh things when I arrived in Britain. Everything is new to me. Some of them are quite different from China, so that leaves me a strong impression. It is so good that I can still remember the wonderful feeling I arrived here the first days. This good impression comes from the environment what British people live in and the daily life what British people enjoy.

Britain is a very beautiful country. When my flight was landing on this land, I have got her natural beauty. The small houses which people live in are so lovely and they stand in a row orderly. When I got off the plane, the first impression was the sky. I can¡¯t believe how blue it is! The air is so fresh and the view is so clear. I find that most of roads are tiny and not straight with attractive scenery on both sides. There are lots of places covered by the country color. This is a good feeling to me because it let me feel so green and quiet. The weather is more fantastical than I thought. It can still rain in sunny day! The British weather really impressed me a lot.

The daily life in Britain is also new to me and that has surprised me the most. People here begin to work at 9 o¡¯clock, but finish the work nearly about 4 o¡¯clock. This can be shown mostly in tiny stores and shops. In fact, I like this way of life because is seems that I can have more time to share with my family and myself. But now in China, getting this comfortable way of life is quite difficult. British people not only hard work for their dreams, but also enjoy the happiness of their life. That¡¯s a good way of life in my mind.

When I first saw this land, I found that I can¡¯t help loving it. Her beautiful scenery, good living environment, lovely weather and comfortable way of life all impressed me a lot. This wonderful impression will be kept in my mind forever and that interests me to find more beauty of Britain.

October 04, 2007

Dairy 10.4

I can't believe that I have been here for about 9 days.  How time flies!

In fact, I still in a low mood and don't have a good feeling. It is not business with this beautiful country, but all the cause is my poor English. I can't express my ideas so clear like before to others, and this feeling is so bad. Sometimes, I even feel that I am lost! Lost in the strange streets, lost in the different districts, and the worst is that I lost in my mind! I have lots of ideas and topics that I want to share with others, just because of my language problems, sinking down in my brain.

The lucky thing is that I have very kind teachers here. They make me recognize that I am still alive! I have got lots of important information from them, and the most important is that they helped me get my confidence back. How warm in this cold weather! I also have seeked the help from my tutor. She is so tender that I want to tell all my troubles to her. In fact, I did, and she encouraged me to face this new situation bravely. That is a good idea, and I am having a try.

Yesterday, I met all my roommates at first time. They are all British! I am so sorry that I can't remember all the names now, but I won't forget their sweet smile and kindness forever.

Today, the weather is very good. No rain, no cloud. The sun is shining in the sky and I think it means a good hint. It looks like telling me that I can have a shiny day, I can have a high mood and I can get over all the troubles. Yes, I can. I am trying.

At this moment, I remember what Tilly said, that this is a journey in our own lives. How mystical it is! We are truly on our own ways. It is not clever to stand at the same place. I should take a new challenge to get new fresh "air" and to visit new "places". It is not easy, but it is very necessary.

Good! I feel better now. I have got what I should do next.

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