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January 14, 2008

Poor score

  This morning, I got my translation mark. This is the worsest mark till now for me. 

  I thought that it would be a good result, because I have tried to find appropriate expressions to translate the Chinese words. However, how frustrated the result is!

  I looked though my paper carefully, lots of blanks which seems quite good in my mind missed the mark. I asked Miss Zhou, but her answer still made me feel confused. For example, I gave the answer of a blank " French", but she said the correct answer must be " French people". There are many other expressions which we can't have the same evaluation to judge what is correct. Because of the limitation of the time, I can't tell her my thinking. And in fact,  I am not confident to let her accept my way of thinking.

 Why? Maybe the point is this is a subject named translation. That means when a person read a passage, he can have a feeling and retell it by his way in another language. One word in source language may have some different expressions in target language in my opinion. However, it seems impossible to be shown in our translation text, in that there is only one correct answer.

 I admit that I can't translate a passage evey well now because I am not good enough to understand different languages through different cultures. That is why I am studying here to improve myself. But I still wonder, even if  I acquired the knowledge very well, is it sure that I can have the same answer with the correct answer that a teacher gives?

Is this way of examing ability appropriate?  Is this style of learning necessary to be improved?

I can not have an answer, like the answer in our translation text.  I don't know how to make myself confident, and the only thing what I can do is keep trying to be better.

January 13, 2008

Panorama One click from danger

Jeremy Vine investigates how the children can be kept safe on the internet. There is an example to show how dangerous for children to put their private information on the nets and talk to strangers on the internet. The bad situation happened to two girls who knew the ¡®my space¡¯ through their classmates in school. When they met the character who they talked on the internet, they were scared because of his age and behavior. Then the policemen arrested this paedophile, finding out thousands of pornographic pictures in his house. This investigation tells us how paedophiles are using the internet as a tool to make contact with teenagers and prompts parents to pay attention to their children when they are on the internet.

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