October 05, 2008

My summer vacation

   Generally, this summer is as usual as before, because I enjoyed most of the time in my hometown. However, this summer is quite different from others, because I enjoyed it as a chance to challenge myself from body and spirit.

    To make my life busy and do something I haven¡¯t experienced is my choice in this long vacation, so I joined in the fitness club learning yoga, belly dance, and setting-up exercise. Moreover, I undertook housework including cleaning and cooking which are also big jobs for me. Because every day I should do all of these, my life became full and fast-moving.

    My yoga class began 12:00am every day, so I should prepare the launch earlier. Every morning, I got up early and washed vegetables. I am a person who cares cleanness a little bit more; I spent lots of time on washing. Then I cooked, usually with four dishes, for example, fried bean curd with vegetables, beef with fragrant cumin seeds, fried pork shreds with beans, and Chinese mushrooms with Chinese leaves. After a busy cooking, I had to arrive at the club in hurry, because of my yoga class. Finished the class, I was back home about half past two. Then I prepared the dinner promptly, because 5:00pm I had a class of belly dance. I was so busy that it seems no time for me to seat comfortably until finished the last class of setting-up exercise about 9:00pm.

    At the beginning, I was so excited about my new busy life. I enjoyed all the classes in fitness club and housework. However, after a week, I felt a little tired, especially during the belly dance class in which some actions were difficult for me and I exercised quite a lot. When my mother saw my situation, she suggested that she could do the housework, but I rejected. The reason was that I want to challenge myself, especially not giving up if I have made a reasonable plan and decided to do. I wanted to let my parents could have more time to take a rest while I was at home, and this was the other reason for me to carry on doing housework. Luckily, I held my rich life till the last day. I am so happy that I challenged myself successfully.

    In this summer vacation, I not only did so much healthy physical exercise, but also experienced how to encourage myself to overcome the difficulties and finish my goal. This summer is meaningful to me, because I think I have challenged myself and conquered myself.

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    I’m sure your parents were very proud of you too – and happy to have someone around to do the cooking! The food sounds delicious! Is belly dancing popular in China? I was surprised to see that you could attend classes in it! What nationality was your teacher?

    07 Oct 2008, 19:24

  2. Wang Yifan

    Thank you for your comment! Belly dance is quite popular in China now, because many women believe that they could lose weight with a flater belly through doing belly dance. However, that is not my aim; I am just interested in this kind of dance with mysterious music. My teacher is Chinese, and she has experience of learning in Egypt. I had thought about whether could I have a chance to act in class; however, because of the overweight of my baggage, I had to leave my dancing dress at home. Whatever, I’m glad to give a simple show.

    08 Oct 2008, 19:17

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