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October 04, 2007

Dairy 10.4

I can't believe that I have been here for about 9 days.  How time flies!

In fact, I still in a low mood and don't have a good feeling. It is not business with this beautiful country, but all the cause is my poor English. I can't express my ideas so clear like before to others, and this feeling is so bad. Sometimes, I even feel that I am lost! Lost in the strange streets, lost in the different districts, and the worst is that I lost in my mind! I have lots of ideas and topics that I want to share with others, just because of my language problems, sinking down in my brain.

The lucky thing is that I have very kind teachers here. They make me recognize that I am still alive! I have got lots of important information from them, and the most important is that they helped me get my confidence back. How warm in this cold weather! I also have seeked the help from my tutor. She is so tender that I want to tell all my troubles to her. In fact, I did, and she encouraged me to face this new situation bravely. That is a good idea, and I am having a try.

Yesterday, I met all my roommates at first time. They are all British! I am so sorry that I can't remember all the names now, but I won't forget their sweet smile and kindness forever.

Today, the weather is very good. No rain, no cloud. The sun is shining in the sky and I think it means a good hint. It looks like telling me that I can have a shiny day, I can have a high mood and I can get over all the troubles. Yes, I can. I am trying.

At this moment, I remember what Tilly said, that this is a journey in our own lives. How mystical it is! We are truly on our own ways. It is not clever to stand at the same place. I should take a new challenge to get new fresh "air" and to visit new "places". It is not easy, but it is very necessary.

Good! I feel better now. I have got what I should do next.

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