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June 16, 2013

June 10th – a little thinking on KBAM in real world

Although I choose health and safety as the aspect which I focus on in my PMA, I still think the knowledge based on facilities management is also improtant for Waverider as well as other manufacturing companies.

In many organizations, the lack of concious on equipment management and a waste of the facilities is existed everywhere.

The poor knowledge share make the process expensive and slow.

What I have seen from the leaders are mainly focus on the result, finance performance and the human resource power. The asset management level is so need to improve. No matter how perfect the company described themselves, I think the knowledge managment is always need to making progress which can help the company solve the high inventory problem.

Therefore, in the future, if I meet a company who wants to make improvement, I may go detail and first see the company's leadership and knowledge management system. How much can I make changes. Moreover, I may go and check their asset management level and think about the cost control and culture establishing.

June 9th – Obstacle on KBAM especially H&S management

I felt hard on a detailed approach design for Wave Rider health and safety management.

In health and safety aspect, there are many potential issues which should be pay attention to.

Each step may also contains some health and safety crisis. Also the outside, the environment and other factors. I opened the Wave Rider introduction page and read details regarding the producing process. I list the potential dangers and hoped these would help.

The construction companies need to customize their KM strategies on the basis of the type of knowledge being managed, and the size and culture of the organization. Thus, investigating the different safety-KM strategies implemented by highly effective companiesis extremely important. It is expected that such an analysis will results that construction companies can use to establish, refine, and customize an effective safety-KM program.

It is unrealistic to assume that each element has an equal influence on safety performance. Unfortunately, the research team did not have sufficient data to perform a factor analysis. Second, the qualitative evidence showed that effective safety-KM programs must include acquisition , storage, and dissemination efforts to be effec tive. Finally, no alternative data-collection methods were implemented to externally validate the case-study results. Rather, the resea rch team relied upon inter-nal con trols (e.g., replicat ion) to ensure that the results had sufficient internal, external, and construct validity and reliability.

June 8th – the KM in Health and Safety Management

In health and safety aspect, we have to analysis how can we collect and analysis the health and safety knowlege, how to manage them. Think on the relevant case and establish a H&S database.

I saw the cases and found that what I have learned is make a relationship between knowledge map and the organization. Because of their power, scope, and impact, the creation of an enterprise level knowledge map requires senior management support as well as careful, inclusive planning. Well-established knowledge maps become both an enterprise-wide utility as well as a key operating environment.

I jumped this step and go derectly to a knowledge transfer step. I mean, the transfer between tacit and obvious knowledge. I then found that if the knowledge managed so well, moreover, we build a IT system or whatever, the knowledge can be shared. The processes especially manufacturing processes can be integrated with 6 sigma! Sounds crazy but it is not impossible. The health and safety issues were also considered and managed under this mothod.

June 7th – How can we build a knowledge management in safety

KBAM has also helped me to understand how can we build a knowledge management organization step by step..

As I mentioned before, Knowledge management plays a very important role in asset management as it is powerful but always be ingnored.

So I did some research and found out some useful ideas which could also help to the future management.

First of all, I think leadership and policy is one of the most important things in whole KBAM. With the allowence and future development, the KBAM may have a good result or performance.

Secondly, we must think about how to build a effective manage team in organization? In my point of view, for an organazation which thinking about the safety management, they need a safety management thought. Then based on this,we set a safety management goal. After this we build some safety manage methods like economic, cultural, technology and legal methods.

Thirdly, we used the experience, no matter success or fail, to continuous back to the safety goal setting, restarted the whole process. So it became the improvement cycle for future development.

June 6th – How does knowledge management help

A knowledge audit assesses potential stores of knowledge and is the first part of any knowledge management strategy. By discovering what knowledge is possessed, it is possible to find the most effective method of storage and dissemination. It can then be used as the basis for evaluating the extent to which change needs to be introduced to the organization.

Basically, the knowledge management part is trying to solve the problems like the lack of awareness of information elsewhere in the organization, Inability to keep abreast of relevant information, common use of out-of-date information and not knowing where to go for expertise in a specific area.

Additionally, products from company would allow the building of the corporate memory. People must be able to share the knowledge they have with others in the company who need. This is a knowledge database part.

Then, in order to facilitate better training (which produce better staff and therefore better results), Wave Rider should implement a program to identify what skills staff members have and what skills they need to do their job. This could involve a Knowledge Inventory in specific departments of the company. Each employee could fill out an Experience.

Besides, Wave Rider also could implement a Best Practices Program. This will require an analysis of boat making core competencies.

Another factors is that we know Wave Rider has various knowledge needs that can only be met by outside sources. For example, the news sources, trade and industry sources, government regulation, etc. It is impossible for any person to monitor all these sources of knowledge. A good solution to this problem would be a corporate portal. Offer corporate portal software that allows companies to monitor many different external sources of knowledge.

This is also helpful in other type of comapies in reality.

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