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Yashu Wang

As a student in Warwick University CBE course, it is a pretty great opportunity for me to experience different learning styles and environments. Although I am making progressing everyday, there are still many difficulties I have to face. Now I am enjoying my life in Warwick . In this blog, I will evaluate my improvements and identifies gaps during the learning period.

The primary problem for an international student is language. For the majority of Chinese students, they could get high scores of reading part, for the reason that a plenty of practices have been done before the test. However, it is still a big problem to handle a considerable amount of thinking materials related to the classes, just as what happened to me in the beginning.

The incident occurred. The tutor gave us a task and some linking websites asked us to finish the assignment based on our research. I searched online carefully but still made a few mistakes and sometimes couldn¡¯t understand the writer¡¯s written words. Sometimes I could not get people¡¯s meaning. I think if my vocabulary and language ability increasing, I¡¯ll acquire more during this year.

In the further study, make the essential readings before class is the top rule which can make my classroom learning more effectively. I will concentrate on English study for the long-term. As an old saying, practice makes perfect. I¡¯ll continue to listening to BBC news because that is the native English and I can be informed of the latest news which may be used as a case study in the long-term.

I find some of my CBE classmates are full of critical thinking. They dare to think in a special way. They dare to ask questions. Sometimes I dare to ask questions as well, but I still can find the differences between the eastern and the western way of thinking.
To improve my academic ability, reading tons of books is essential. Furthermore, I have to develop my ideas according to the book. Master learning is different, which is harder than my undergraduate course, we should change the way of learning and get most use of this precious study year.