September 16, 2004


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Fellow adventurers, welcome to my nest at Warwick!

It is great to have a little space in the dense forest of the Web. This was built in the hopes of categorising my projects and interests in one, easy to access place. I believe that if you know what you seek, you will find a way to move towards it. Always striving; always learning; always trying. It may be, that as you walk the path you have chosen, that you will achieve what was considered impossible. It is my goal to make this a place to nurture and explore ideas; a workshop where dreams are evaluated, and if worthy, reached for. Sometimes it will feel like reaching for the stars and everything is just out of reach. So it's not always going to be easy. (It never has been, for any adventurer). But when the journey gets rough, this will also be a quiet place to rest and ponder life; perhaps, realising what is most important. There is a long way to go in this endeavour. It will be an ongoing process: a life-long study.

If you have any questions or comments, or just want to chat, feel free to
email me. Meanwhile, enjoy your stay in my nest.


Tom Wang

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  1. Hello Tom

    I have been wandering around the blogs and it is good to find a blog where there is more than comments for wasre of time.

    Are u studying in WMG?

    23 Oct 2004, 11:57

  2. Hi Guliz,

    thanks for ur comment. As u can see the site is just one page up yet, I'm just too lazy to do it at the moment…

    yes, I'm doing E-business Manag.t at WMG. What about u mate?



    23 Oct 2004, 13:41

  3. love your pics. btw, when did u go to Swiss? very nice:)

    26 Nov 2004, 18:23

  4. Hi Yue,

    Thanks for ur comment, I'm glad that u like the pics.

    We spend a few days travel around Swizerland last summer, been to quite a lot of places, some of which I can't even remember, but it's a very beautiful country with friendly people, loads of pretty girls around…

    anyway, it's a very nice place to go to, highly reconmended to u if u not been there before.



    26 Nov 2004, 21:59

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