January 13, 2008

Video Summary

This video shows that nowadays a great number of teenagers use Internet, and some of them even have not any necessary measures to protect themselves. Many of them have no sense of watchfulness to keep their safety, especially girls. The parents should teach their children not to give the real personal information to strangers because some people who have evil intentions may make use of these details to do evildoings to teenagers. A great deal of examples has shown that some of adults pretend they are young persons especially young girls to cheat the teenagers, and then they gradually become the aims of the Internet hunters. In this case, parents should give some advice to help the children to be kept safe on the Internet. Moreover, the government also should pay attention to using Internet.

December 19, 2007

My Essay Hell

This term was my first time to write an essay. It was difficult for me to write an essay; especially we need to write 2000 words. When I knew the topic of the essay, I was a little afraid of it, because I did not know how to do it. I thought the topic was too general to write.

Then I began to think about what I should write. The topic is about Britain society, the key words are advantages and problems, and the time is since 1945. I thought I needed to get hold of these words, and went to library to find more information about them. During the next few weeks, I went to library to find a lot of information. When I looked at them, I found again that Britain society since 1945 was too general and big; I needed to reduce the topic, just find a few parts of it. And then I thought about the topic first, and I found out my own topic¡ªfamilies, household and women employment. I thought those are my interested things and I can write them clear. When I had the main topic, I went to library again, and found some books about families, household and women employment. I borrowed some books to my home, and I can read them at home. When I read these books, I found I was poor at vocabulary. I do not know so many words that I can not understand what the book says. I needed to look at dictionary, find the meaning. It took me much time to do this, and the understanding time is not enough. When I understood the book, I needed to summarize the content. It was another difficult aspect I needed to overcome. When I finished the essay, I was a little excitement, but I do not forget to summarize what I learnt from writing the essay.

During the writing time, I learnt a lot. For example, I know how to borrow and return books in library, I need to enlarge my vocabulary, how to summary an idea from other people. I thought all of them are important for me. Now I know when you want to summary a paragraph, firstly you need to read the paragraph, get the main idea of it. Secondly, you need to note the main idea, and have logic in your mind and write down them. Thirdly, you need to read the paragraph again, and find if you loose some ideas or not, then you can write down again. Fourthly, you begin to write in your own words. Fifthly, check in whether you miss some ideas or not, and grammar.

If I could go back to when I started writing the essay, I think the first thing I want to do is reading more books, and making my essay more all-sided. Secondly, I will write my introduction more, because I think my introduction was too short. Thirdly, I will say more about women employment, because I do not write more about it. I think if I can get it back, I can do it better.

October 16, 2007

Learning English through telephone and e–mail

When I was young, I began to learn English. During the studying, I found my own way of learning English. I think a learner of English can learn English everywhere at anytime. I think a good way to study English is using English in daily life.

  Now I am in Britain, and I live with my friends,  I do not have a chance to have a flatmate who is a local person, but I can call or e-mail my friends who speak English, and improve my English. When I call my friends, we will talk about a lot of topics, such as how to cook different food, where we can go shopping. The topics are very informal, but when I talk with them, my listening and speaking are improving quick. When I e-mail my friends, I am practising my writing. I will tell them some Chinese history, and cultrue. And they will tell me some British culture. Through the e-mail, I can learn more knowledge. When I do all the things, I also can learn some new words, but they are not my favourite way of learinng vocabulary.

My favourite way of learning vocabulary is finding some new words, when I read novels, or newpapers, or magazines. For instance, when I read a book named That Extra Half An Inch, I found there were some new words, like pinstripe. Fristly, I found it in a dictionary, and knew the meaning of it, but I would not remember it by memory. Secondly, in the book, I would see it many times, I would see pinstripe cloth, pinstripe dress, or pinstripe trousers. When I saw it more, I would remember it. So my way of learning vocabulary is see new words in different places many times, and then remember them.

In my opinion, my best skill is communicating with each others. In other words, I can speak English well, and listen to others, and understand them quick. I can use different words to explain myself. When I do not know how to explain a thing, I will use different way to depict it. For example, I want to see she is a teacher, but I do not know how to say teacher. I will say in another way, she tell people some knowleage. My worst skills are vocabulary and grammar. When I was reading, I found that I did not know many words, and I could not understand what it said.

I have been to USA to study for a year. That experience helps me to learn best. When I was in America, I improved my English. I knew how to follow the teacher, and I tried my best to listen to others, and speak to local people, and made them understand what I said. What is more, I learnt many words. Many words were from my textbooks. When I have some problems, I also call my friends, asked them for help. Moreover, I would e-mail them, and told them my feeling in the country in order to eliminate my homeless.

In conclusion, when I became a learner of English, I tried many ways to learn it. Finally, I found a good way to study it which was using English in different way and practise more, whatever through telephone or e-mail. And then, I  have my own best skill-- speaking and listening, but also do not good at vocabulary and grammar. Furthermore,  my study in America helps more to learn English.

October 03, 2007

My frist impressions of Britain

I have a dream which is travel and study in Britain, but I always have no chance to make the dream come ture. This year because of my course, I can go to Britain to study. It makes me so happy. In my mind, Britain is an old country, many buildings are very old, but beautiful, like castles. Britain has a long history. It is troditional, not like America which is modernistic. What is more, British men are gentlemanly, and women are so kind.

When I arrived in Britain, the weather made me surprise. It was so cold even it was summer at that time. I heared from my friend that the weather in Britain was very strange. Fristly, I do not believe that, but when I lived in Britain about two weeks, I found that was true. For example, a person who goes shopping in a supermarket this afternoon at 3 pm, when she got into the supermarket, it was sunny, and very hot. But when she got out at 4 pm, it was rainy and windy. And after a few minutes, it was sunny again.

When I did the pre-sessional course, I went to London. I found it was not like what I thought. It is a city which mixs tradition and modern. It has many old buildings which like castles, but it also has many buildings which are very high. Moreover, London is very clean. London has many interesting place to visit, such as Big Ben, London Eyes, Westminster Abey. But I think the most interesting place is not the places of interest, it is China Town. In that place, I felt that I came back China, although it was the old China. In China Town, I could find many Chinese food and I could speak Chinese, met many Chinese people.

Moreover, I just made many friends, and they are very kind. In Britain, I found that men always help women to open a door, and always follow ¡¡ãLadies frist¡¡À. British people also very gald to help overseas people. For instance, when I was in London, beacause the London underground were so perplexing, I could not find the right place to get off, I just ask a local person where I coule get off. The person not only show me the way, but also told me how to get back. It made me warm, when I was in a foreign country.

I also make a mistake that British people worked very quick, but when I opened account in a bank, I found people here were ineffective. They always did things slow. It also happened in supermarkets and shopes.

In a nutshell, Britain is a beautiful country, although the weather here is not very good. I like British people, whereas they work slow. I love cities in Britain, beacause they mix modern and tradition.

hello, everyone

hello, everyone. Thanks for your looking.

I am an international student, and I want to improve my English.

Please give me some suggestion when you finish read my blog.

Best wishes to all of you.

Have a good time here.

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