October 12, 2005

Something will go with the wind but not disappear

Not rated

*Gone With the Wind,* everyone is supposed to know about the story. Am I right?

It was about 10 years ago that I saw this movie, pityfully at home rather than in the cinema. I couldn't believe that I would be that moved when I was involved in the story… It kept me staying in front of the TV set for over 4 hours, which made my mun felt worried about my eyesight.

I felt lost in Clark Gable's eyes, even in that young age. Oh, my god… He even used his whole passion to love Scarlett although he dare not let her know how deeply he loved her. Until very late, maybe too late, they two got married but they didn't seem to have any happiness. Scarlett couldn't realize how much she actually loved and relied on this guy until he left almost despairingly.

What a pityful ending! It was my feeling when I finished the whole story at the time. The prince and princess, as far as I am considered, should have had the happy life forever. But it wasn't in the movie! From then on, I realized that life was not the same as we expected.

September 29, 2005

Here comes a little angel

What a lovely afternoon, say good afternoon to everyone! Here is angel. Do you remember where I am from? Shanghai, which is called Oriental Pearl.

I flied to this new nation just several weeks ago.

I had somehow colourful experience before I began my new life here. I worked as a parttime staff in Starbucks, an intern reporter in TV Station, an intern in Advertising company, a parttime Mandarin for foreigners and so on… Wow, how do you like it?

I'm sure you will find more about me ^^

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