October 10, 2004

Little story about my name

No one's name is more normal than mine. My name is so normal that there is (are) someone who has (have) the same name(s) as mine at every stage of my life and every small area I am in.

In the primary school, I wan't called Wang Jing, but nv (female) Wang Jing. There was a boy in my class who had the same name of mine, but different character. Once when I was collecting my books, I saw the 'nv Wang Jing' on them So silly! I was murmuring

In the Junior high school, I wasn't called Wang Jing, but da (big) Wang Jing. There was a girl in my class who had the same name, but different character. Each time people called me da Wang Jing, I wanted to shout at them: shut up, but, I didn't, sometimes at most, just explained: Call Wang Jing, I know u'r calling me. Anyway, how could they call if not in that way?

In the Senior high school, I wasn't called Wang Jing, but duanfa (short hair) Wang Jing. There was a girl in the same grade who had the same name, but different character. Anyway, this time it was much better, coz we were not in the same class, and people didn't need to struggle to differentiate us all the time.

Now, in the university. There are two Wang Jings in my class as well. What helps a lot is that we use English names a lot. Mentioning my English name, I feel pissed off again. I chose a very 'old', 'out-dated' name that I thought it would be safe for me in the term of 'same names'. However, I was wrong. In my workplace, there are three people with the same name: Helen. So, I use my Chinese name there, Jing.


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  1. awww

    i will call you Wang Jing if you like ? :)

    11 Oct 2004, 19:05

  2. yeah Of course! It's my real name:)

    11 Oct 2004, 21:14

  3. so interesting to read the story about ur name. when i was at primary school, there was a boy whose name sounded similar to my chinese name, and i found it annoying too!!

    13 Oct 2004, 23:22

  4. Connie Zhang, i'm so curious about ur name. It seems not like a Chinese name?~) what's it in Chinese?:)

    15 Oct 2004, 13:13

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