October 13, 2008

Difference between Learning and Education

In concept, learning is knowledge gained and education is the process of teaching and studying, usually at school, or university. Thus, learning is within education in my mind. At present, the basic education is compulsory because the government must ensure that most of citizens can receive basic education to keep the civil diathesis. Education is often organized while learning is something different that usually happens individually. On the one hand, education can be divided into several sections like primary, junior and senior. On the other hand, it is also separated into different parts by degree, such as bachelor, master and doctor. But learning seems to be endless and the word ¡®lifelong¡¯ often be used with learning.

October 02, 2008



Actually, flat 19 D of Tocil is my second classroom on the campus. This is the best room that I have ever lived in school, which really made me surprised at first. It is at the inside of the flat containing 9 students from different countries like China, Singapore, Korea, Britain and Italy. Two doors away from the kitchen and bath room makes it very convenient to me. Also, the items in the room, such as bed, desk, chair, bookshelf wardrobe and carpet£¬enables me to have a clean and tidy environment. Looking out thought the window is a ¡°painting¡± of peaceful world, wide lawn£¬thick trees£¬clouds and blue sky. What¡¯s more, the high speed internet access provides me a modern connection to the world with which I am not quite familiar.

In my own room, I can have a wholehearted study and the reasons are quite obvious. First, my neighbors come from different places of the world. When I communicate with them, my English is practicing all the time, both oral English and vocabulary. Second, the indoor facilities provided, gives me a comfortable condition to study. Because I do not suffer from any disturbing and I have enough quietness to put my mind on school work. Third, the nature outside the window makes me feel calm and refreshes me very quickly. Once I am tired or bored, I can enjoy my ¡°painting¡± peacefully and gain power and new ideas to continue the study. Fourth, I am a little introversive, so I would like to keep myself alone when I have a undivided attention to do something, especially focusing on study. Maybe, the library or the Learning Grid is a good place to study for other students, but, when it comes to me, my room is the my best choice for learning.

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